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Annual Governance Statement for the Governing Body of
Percy Main Primary School 
School Vision/Mission Statement
for the academic year 1 September 2015 – 31 August 2016
This annual statement, in line with the DfE’s recommended good practice, outlines how the Governing Body has fulfilled its responsibilities and how it has met the three core strategic functions of the School’s Governing Body set out by Government.
1.     Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction;
2.     Holding the Headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils, and the performance management of staff; and
3.     Overseeing the financial performance of the school, ensuring value for money and best practice.
Governance arrangements
The Governing Body of Percy Main primary School was re-constituted on 26 March 2015 and consists of the following members:
·         3 x Parents, 1 x LEA
·         2 x Staff (includes Head Teacher)
·         4 Co-opted
·         Total of 10 members. 
Plus, with effect from 21 May 2015, 1 x Associate Member.
The full Governing Body meets twice each term and we also have a number of committees that meet to consider different aspects of the school in detail. We have a finance and premises committee who meet each term. We also have a curriculum committee which considers the school curriculum and we also have a pay review committee. We also have committees that meet if required to consider pupil discipline and staffing matters.
Several governors have areas of special responsibilities and visit classes to improve their knowledge and understanding of their areas. These areas of special responsibility include: SEND, e-safety, health and safety, safeguarding and child protection and anti-bullying. It also allows them to see the impact of the strategic decisions that are made by the Headteacher and the Governing body.
Attendance record of governors
Most governors have an excellent attendance record at meetings and we have never had to cancel a meeting because it was not quorate (the number of governors needed to ensure that legal decisions can be made).
Key Issues faced and addressed by the Governing Body 
·         New curriculum. The governors have closely monitored the implementation of the new National Curriculum from September 2014. Regular updates are made available on the school website and regular governor visits allow practical monitoring and feedback with staff and pupils. Subject coordinators (eg Literacy/PE) make summary presentations to governors to inform them of changes to curriculum and how school is addressing these areas.
·         Staff appointments. The governors were instrumental in the appointment of a new EYFS teaching assistant in September 2015. They assisted in the shortlisting and interview process. Governors also appointed a temporary LSA for KS1 to work with a special needs child requiring one to one supervision.
·         SEND reforms. The governors continue to monitor the changes that the SEND Co-ordinator has made in school in light of the reforms and provides support for her in this role. School SEND coordinator presented a summary of changes to all governors on 5 February 2015.
·         Attainment and progress of pupils. Governors monitor the attainment and progress of all pupils and groups of pupils each term. This includes information from the Headteacher’s report to governors, FFT Governor Dashboard and the governor pages from Raise online. (The headteacher provides a summary report to governors in Autumn term of previous year’s attainment and progress using all data available.) This information is used by governors and school development partner when setting Performance Management targets for the HT and these in turn are filtered into teaching and teaching support staff targets. Governors are made aware of all school development partner reports each term and so have access to ongoing attainment and progress for each year group.
·         Ofsted Inspection. The school was inspected on 8 March 2016 and was judged as good.  The governors played a vital role both prior and during the inspection.  They had visited regularly, reviewed several documents, kept up to date with current school issues and ensured that our school website was ready for inspection.  The minutes of the governing body meetings demonstrated challenge and support for the school and its leadership team. 
·         Resources.  The Finance and Premises committee had considered the budget closely and authorised the purchase of several resources including: continue the rolling programmes of decorating and Electrical Installation Inspection (Hard Wiring).  Approved the remedial work as identified in the previous Electrical Installation Report, Repairs to several double glazed windows and two thumb turns on exit doors. Plus a new outdoor drama area in the Nursery and new playground markings.
·         Multi Academy Trust. The governors as fully supportive of the school’s intention to become part of a Multi Academy Trust.  The governors possess key stills and attributes which will assist us with this process.  Before agreeing to proceed with the conversion process for  academisation they raised many questions, e.g.
- What do we wish to achieve by this process?
- What will be the benefits for our pupils and the school, and what will be the impliations   for staff arising from the changes
-  How will these changes influence, impact and improve our levels of achievement and
the quality of teaching and learning

- What will the financial implications be?

·         Policy review.  The governing body have ratified several statutory policies this year. Policies are readily available on the school website.
·         School Improvement Plan. Governors monitor the progress of the school improvement plan. The HT presents regular updates at governor meetings (see minutes) and presentations by key staff on their areas of responsibility keep governors well informed
·         Volunteering. As well as official governor visits, governors are actively involved in school life.  This voluntary support includes; assisting on educational visits, supporting pupils in class, assisting on curriculum enrichment days, supporting and helping to organise fundraising events, attending performances and celebrations. 
Assessment of Impact
·         New curriculum. We know that the curriculum in place in school fulfils statutory requirements and is suited to the needs of the children. Information about our curriculum is available on our website.
·         Staff appointments. A skilled and experienced teaching assistant was appointed for EYFS. They met all the requirements necessary for the post. As a result of this appointment, we are expecting a higher percentage of children achieve a Good Level of Development. Please refer to school performance data.
·         SEND reforms. We are now compliant with the legislation and reforms. SEND is well monitored by the governing body. Details of our SEND offer is available on our website.
·         Attainment and progress of pupils. As the governors are so knowledgeable about the attainment and progress of pupils, they willingly challenge the Headteacher regarding the data. They have a good understanding of how our school compares to other schools nationally and our areas of strength and weakness. Please refer to school performance data.
·         Ofsted.  It was felt that the governors played a vital part in the school being judged as ‘Good’.  This was recognised by the inspector in their report which states ‘Governance is a strength.  Governors have a good understanding of the work of the school because they visit regularly to see for themselves how well pupils are learning’
·         Resources. The purchase of the new resources has enhanced the provision for the pupils. All purchases support the development of the new 2014 curriculum.
·         Multi-Academy Trust. The governors fully comply with legislation and procedures, ensuring that the education of the pupils and that current staffing terms and conditions are not compromised in any way
·         Policies. The policies are compliant with current legislation and were adopted in the relevant fashion.
·         SIP. By monitoring the progress of the school improvement plan, governors are able to ensure that the strategic development of the school is robust and cohesive. Governors are aware of what is happening in school and understand the impact of each area of development.
·         Volunteering. Governors have an excellent knowledge of daily school life which enables them to inform the whole governing body. They have a positive relationship with staff, pupils and parents.
Structure of the Governing Body and Committees
Chair of Governors                     -  Rev Helen Gill
Vice Chair of Governors            -  Mr Tim Mazzucchi
Details of our Governing Body members, responsibilities and sub-committee membership can be viewed on our school website or the Edubase website.
Contact Details
We welcome suggestions, feedback and ideas and are happy to give more information if you are interested in finding out about becoming a governor.
The Chair of Governors, Rev Gill, can be contacted via the School Office who also hold a full list of governors and minutes of full governing body meetings.
More information is also available on the Governors’ page of the School website.

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