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What is it?

The Learning Platform is an online area where pupils can interact, collaborate and learn, creating interesting class and subject areas where learning becomes interactive and meaningful.

The Learning Platform is a site where all the content is produced by staff and students from schools, colleges and other learning providers in North Tyneside. If you've heard of the terms MLE (Managed Learning Environment) and VLE (Virtual Learning Environment) then you’ve heard of a Learning Platform.

We make it easy for staff and students to collaborate and learn using the best educational apps and software with access from inside the platform.  All staff and pupils (KS2 only) have access to integrated Google email and Google Apps to support their learning.  A team of Learning Platform Reporters support the teaching staff in updating class and subject areas as well as publishing articles in the School News section. 

This makes it really easy to produce:

  • School news

  • Homework

  • Revision aids

  • Content for many different types of learning styles

  • Best practice help for teachers

To find out more, sign up for a parental account by following the link below.


Using the Learning Platform has great benefits:

For Pupils

  • Hand-in your homework from home

  • Chat safely and securely with your school friends and teachers

  • Collaborate in online projects

  • Free online storage

  • Integrated Google email account and access to Google Apps

  • Access to apps and software to support learning

For Parents

  • Get school news direct from the school

  • Talk directly with teachers

  • See homework assignments

  • Access your child’s e-portfolio of learning

For Teachers

  • Great collaboration tools

  • Access to the best education software

  • Help support children with different learning styles

  • Collaborative learning opportunities

The Learning Platform is funded by the schools and North Tyneside Council.

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