Welcome to Percy Main Primary School
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Welcome to Nursery

The staff you will meet in Nursery are Mrs McCarron and Mrs Harding.

Starting Nursery is an important landmark. You can be sure that the Nursery staff, working in partnership with parents, will strive to make this a positive and exciting event for your child.

We value each child as an individual whose needs and interests are unique and who, through carefully structured play experiences, will develop intellectually and socially to enjoy the benefits of being part of a wider group beyond that of the family.

At Nursery we hope to lay the foundation of your child's education and to encourage positive and stimulating attitudes to learning which will be of value throughout your child’s time at school.

Look what we have been finding out...

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Outdoor Classroom Day

As part of our Outddor Classroom Day fun, we built nests for the birds, We made them comfy and warm and hope that lots of birds will come and live in our nests.

We also investigated the wind. We found out that facing in a particular direction made the windmills turn! We were very excited!
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No Pen Wednesday

We found lots of different ways to explore and learn on No Pen Wednesday. We took great care in washing the wheelbarrows; we compared size, we made puppets and dry collages and use tweezers to pick objects up  - it was very tricky but lots of fun!
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Den Building

Building dens and houses is fun and we learned such a lot about making enclosures, estimating size and tying knots.

After it rained the roof was full of water. It was fun trying to think of ways to get the water off. Some of us tried to kick it or scoop it off and got very wet. We found that if we jumped up and down under the puddle we stayed dry!

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Rain and Wind

The umbrellas kept us dry on a rainy day then we splashed in the puddles and got wet! We discovered that the rain sounds very loud when it hits an umbrella.
We made our own kites and felt the wind pull our arms as we ran down the hill.

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The Nest

Our friends were very impressed with the nest we built and couldn't wait to join in the fun. We taught them how to be good birds.

After spending some time pecking around for worms and flying, we thought the Big Bad Wolf was coming to gobble us up! Mrs McCarron helped us make a Wolf trap. It had food tucked right at the back to tempt the wolf in. When we tried the trap it worked and we were overjoyed.

We felt much happier knowing the trap was there to protect us and went outside to build another nest.

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