I love seeing all of your pictures you have been sending. Please keep posting!
Parents: The University of Chichester has created a Free-to-download booklet which provides ideas on fun and engaging home-learning activities as well as having information about how we teach children in Nursery download it here:

Under the Sea
Challenges for this week

  1. Can you make a poster explaining how to stay safe around water.
  2. Can you find 3 facts about creatures that live under the sea to share with your family.
  3. Imagine you have found a magic shell, you can have one wish, draw a picture to show me what your wish would be!
  4. There are lots of fish under the sea, can you think of any other words with the beginning with F.
  5. Some sea animals have fins to help them swim, others have legs to move with, can you think of some underwater animals with fins or legs?
  6. Have a look around the house can you find 2 things that float, and 2 things that will sink?
  7. Can you learn the song 1,2,3,4,5 once I caught a fish alive?
  8. Can you fill 6 glasses of water ½ full, use red blue and yellow food dye to change the colours of 3 glasses, now you can mix the colours, what new colours can you make?
  9. Fill up an ice cube tray and put it in the freezer, when you put the frozen cubes in your drink, what happens? Can you explain to your adult what happened to the cubes in the freezer and what happened when you put them in your drink?
  10. Can you fill a bucket with water and using a paintbrush or your fingers can you practice writing the letters of your name outside.
under sea


In nursery we access phase one phonics (don’t forget to complete all the phase one activities that were in your home learning packs! or for some extra games log into Phonics play @ 
) which covers all the skills your child needs for reception.
In the summer term we introduce the children who are ready to set one Read Write Inc (the programme that is used throughout the school to teach phonics) In nursery we teach set one speed sounds  which introduces your child to each letter and sound, If you feel your child may benefit from this RWI have their own youtube channel where they are uploading videos daily for set one sounds at 9:30, each lesson is ten minutes long and available for 24 hours.
If you would like to access this with your child you can do so here;

Dont forget to send pictures of any work you have done to my email so I can see all the fun things you have all been up to!  
Adults, I understand this could be a tough time for you too, if your needing any advice of support on working with your little ones at home please don’t hesitate to contact me on the email below.
Mrs Murrell x

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