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Dear Parents / Carers,

This is the plan for the full-reopening of Percy Main Primary in September, taking the Government Guidance into account to ensure that we manage this as safely as possible
All pupils are expected to return to school from Wednesday 2nd September. Please refer to the table below for further information for your child’s year group. Children in Nursery, Reception and Year 1 have already been sent letters about start and finish times for Week 1 only.

Start time Finish time Enter school/pick up
(Wk Beg Mon 7th Sept)
Between 8.45am and 9.00am 11.45am Rainbows Door
(WK Beg Mon 7th Sept)
Between 8.45am and 9.00am 11.45am Nursery door by the cloakroom
(WK Beg Mon 7th Sept)
Between 8.45 and 9.00am 3.05 pm Reception Classroom door - Nursery Yard
In week 1, Reception children will start and finish as follows:
Wednesday 2nd Sept - 8.45am - 11.45am Thursday 3rd Sept 8.45am - 1.30pm Friday 8.45am - 3.10pm.
Year 1 Between 8.45am and 9.00am 3.10pm KS1 Entrance
In week 1, Year 1 children will start and finish as follows:
Wednesday 2nd Sept - 8.45am - 11.45am Thursday 3rd Sept 8.45am - 1.30pm Friday 8.45am - 3.10pm.
Year 2 8.45am 3.10pm KS1 Entrance
Year 3 Between 8.45am and 9.00am 3.15pm KS2 Entrance
Year 4 Between 8.45am and 9.00am 3.15pm KS2 Entrance
Year 5 Between 8.45am and 9.00am 3.15pm Side path by the staff room
Year 6 8.45am 3.15pm Y6 door accessed via the fire escape stairs
Hub Between 8.45am and 9.00am 3.15pm KS2 Entrance

  • Schools are required to prevent the gathering of parents and children. In order to ensure appropriate social distancing takes place we do have some additional guidelines which need to be followed, as we need to keep the amount of people on site at a minimum.  A maximum of 1 adult only is permitted on the yard with each child. You need to stand on the yellow markers on the yard, near to your child’s door, and staff will guide children in/dismiss appropriately. We hope that all adults and children will abide by these rules so that we don’t have to implement stricter staggered start and finish times. When entering or leaving the site through the double gates in the playground, please follow the signs and markings to use the entrance and exit lanes.
  • Phase Bubbles - Under the guidance from the DfE schools are required to organise children into groups. These will be referred to as bubbles, but the bubbles will be larger than the current bubbles, as the risk of infection nationally is now considered to be lower.  Schools can have different sizes of bubbles, organised in different ways for different reasons, but children need to remain in their own bubbles, meaning they are not allowed to mix with other children from other bubbles throughout the school day.  This has implications for lunchtime and break-time arrangements and for some of our curriculum and timetabling organisation. However, we have made some adjustments which we think will work well but we may change these as time progresses. This also impacts on the after school clubs we can offer which will be considered further during the Autumn term.
  • Classroom layouts – we will adopt the government advice for children to face the front or in a horse-shoe formation in Key Stage 2.
  • Curriculum  – We are very aware of the varying impact this whole situation has had on our children in terms of their learning and well-being, and we’re extremely aware of the children who have not been onsite. We have planned how to address this for each individual child when they return to school. We have been working hard to ensure that we have relevant and exciting lessons planned to engage the children on their return to school. We expect that we may need to revisit some areas of learning and there will have been an impact on children’s confidence and skills due to the extended time they have had away from school. Certain activities may need to be kept to a minimum or tightly controlled eg – contact sports and singing. Assemblies will need to take place in phase bubbles.
  • Attendance requirements and rewards will be back in place and punctuality will become even more important.
  • Water-bottles – children must bring a water bottle (no juice is allowed) to and from school every day – we can no longer provide water in our own beakers. Children will be able to refill bottles in school but unfortunately we are unable to wash these out – this will need to be done at home.
  • Breakfast club – We will be offering Breakfast Club from week 2. Children will have to sit in their phase bubbles during this time. Breakfast Club will run from 8.15am.
  • We always have high expectations of children’s behaviour and this will be even more important due to the health and safety challenges relating to the spread of the virus. We will continue with our positive reward systems. The behaviour policy will be updated and available on the school website following consultation with children on their return.
  • School lunches - From September the school kitchen will re-open but will serve a reduced menu. This will be a cold option for week 1 and 2. A hot menu will be available from week 3.  Children will also have to eat in their phase bubbles at lunch time.  
  • School Uniform and equipment - Please send your child to school in full school uniform from September.  Pupils are only allowed to bring a packed lunch bag to school.  No other bags/pencil cases should be brought in.  School will be providing all pupils with their own equipment. PE – No PE kits are to be brought into school as we are unable to manage changing safely. In week1, you will be told which days your child has PE and from week 2, your child should come into school wearing their SCHOOL PE kit on their timetabled days. You will be sent frequent reminders of this.
  • Children and adults with Covid symptoms must not enter school premises, including the yard. If there is a confirmed case in the household, adults or children must not come to school for 14 days. Any adults or children who develop symptoms during the day, will be isolated and sent home to follow Public Health England guidance on testing, tracking and tracing. If an outbreak occurs, we will follow advice and may need to close part or all of the school. It is very important that we are able to contact parents/carers when necessary. The school office will remain closed.
  • Hygiene – By September, there will be sinks in every classroom. Children and staff will wash hands regularly during the day and we have hand-sanitising stations positioned throughout school. All touch points and shared equipment are regularly cleaned and doors and windows are open where possible to allow for good ventilation.
  • Home-school communication is extremely important. Members of the senior leadership team and Mrs Leslie will be outdoors where possible to support parents/carers and children. Please remember social distancing at these times. Unfortunately the office must remain closed. If you have queries, email or phone school and the relevant member of staff will get in touch with you.
I know that many of you will be anxious, but please be assured that we will always do our very best for all of our children and staff. The children that we have had in school from March until July have been an absolute inspiration to us all, adapting effortlessly to a new way of working. I’d like to thank all parents/carers once again for your outstanding efforts following new routines and procedures during this time. All staff are looking forward to building on this in September, and can’t wait to welcome all of our children back. They have been missed. 
Yours sincerely,
Mrs K Thompson

Percy Main Primary School’s COVID-19 Home School Agreement.

At this very difficult time, it is imperative that all involved in the extended reopening of Percy Main Primary school know their roles in ensuring this is done safely and properly. This COVID-19 Home School agreement is key to ensuring Percy Main Primary School is a safe place for all children and staff to return to.


           Percy Main Primary School
The school will:
  • Provide an environment which has been risk assessed in response to the COVID-19 infection and Local Authority Risk assessment;
  • Follow the risk assessment at all times to ensure the safety of everybody in the building;
  • Respond to any changes in government guidance as soon as we possibly can after publication
  • Adhere to the social distancing rules as set out by the government as much as we reasonably can;
  • Ensure all staff are aware of, and follow, all Government Guidelines and guidance linked to the opening of schools and COVID-19
  • Provide a curriculum that meets the needs of your child’s well-being, mental health and academic needs and which utilises the outdoor environment as much as possible;
  • Contact parents/carers if your child displays symptoms of COVID-19;
  • Inform you if staff or children in your child’s ‘bubble’ show symptoms of or test positive for COVID-19 as this will mean you will all need to self-isolate for at least 14 days.
  • Continue our clear and consistent approach to rewards and sanctions for children as set out in our Behaviour Policy;
  • Continue to communicate between home and school using phone-calls, text, email, newsletters and the school website to ensure we offer a transparent and informative school option at all times.
  • Be available for all parents via telephone or email initially to support them with the transition from lock-down to school reopening.
As parents we know and understand that:
  • If my child/children, or anyone in my household, shows symptoms of COVID-19, I will not send my child/children to school.  We will self-isolate for 14 days as a family.  The affected people will get tested and I will let the school know as soon as possible via telephone of the outcome;
  • If my child shows symptoms of COVID-19 at school, I will collect my child from school immediately. I will get them tested and I will let the school know as soon as possible via telephone of the outcome.  I will then follow the appropriate guidance;
  • On my commute, and when dropping my child off and picking them up, I will adhere to the 2 metre social distancing rules.
  • When dropping off and picking up, I will strictly stick to the school timings for my child and any systems the school have in place;
  • My child will not bring any items at all into school with them, apart from their own labelled water bottle.
  • My child will not take anything home from school with them.
  • I will not be allowed into the school building at all – if I need to speak to school or see a member of staff I will phone the office and arrange this.
  • I will support all staff in their efforts to create an ‘as safe as possible’ environment during this time by following all expectations:
  • I will read all letters/messages/emails that are sent home;
  • I will inform the school of any changes to parents/carer and emergency contacts details.
  • I will follow social distancing rules at all times (this includes beyond the school day), and understand if there is evidence that I have not followed social distancing, my child may lose their place at school.
  • If my child is deemed unsafe, he/she will be sent home and cannot return to school until they can be safe.
  • If my child has any illness (not linked to COVID-19) I will follow schools rules on illness at all times.
  • I will apply sun lotion before my child comes to school in hot weather
  • I will Inform the school if my child does NOT have permission to use hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol
I will do my best to:
  • Follow the Bubble rules that keep me safe.  These will be shared with me when I go back to school and my teacher will make sure I fully understand them and what is expected of me
  • Wash my hands as soon as I go into school for 20 seconds
  • Regularly wash my hands  using soap and water for 20 seconds throughout the school day
  • Tell an adult if I feel unwell;
  • Not bring things into school from home, or take things home from school;
  • Only use the equipment in my own pack and that is on my own desk;
  • Not go too close to my friends in school.  I can talk to them, laugh with them and have fun with them but I must stay a small distance away from them so I must remember not to hold their hands or give them a cuddle. Instead I will smile at them, talk to them, sing with them,  giggle with them and find new games to play with them to keep us all safe;
  • Walk into school and out of school using the right route;
  • Stick to where I am allowed to go inside of school – my teacher will make sure I know this;
  • Follow the catch it-bin it-kill it rules coughing and sneezing into elbow or tissue;
  • Follow the rules at all times to maintain the safety of myself and others;
  • Follow these expectations and know that if I don’t, my grown-up will be spoken to and I might be sent home and I will not be able to come back into school until I can be safe and keep others safe.
By sending your child to school, you have Percy Main Primary School’s agreement that we will follow all of the above. By sending my child to school, I am agreeing to adhere to all of the above. By coming into school your child must agree to follow all of these rules all of the time.

We miss you!


With students staying safe at home, the children will, understandably, spend an increased amount of time online. Please find useful links, activities and advice below to ensure that you, and your children, know how to stay safe online at home.
Please find attached a guide to help you download Read, Write Inc reading books from the internet.  If your child is in a Read, Write Inc group these books will help them keep on track with their phonics and reading through this difficult time.

Check with your child which colour group they are in, if they are not sure or you have any questions just email your class teacher (email addresses are on your child's class page) and they will be able to help.

This is a fantastic resource which can really help your child.  

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