Hi everyone,
We hope you are all safe, happy and enjoying this time at home. Your grown ups have told us how hard you have been working and we are all so proud of you for that!
If you are getting a little stuck for more ideas why not try some creative tasks- Easter crafts, painting, drawing, cooking - whatever you fancy!

When we are at school we only tend to work on an activity for between 5-20 minutes as after that we find that you lose a bit of interest and want to go and play. So try and make sure you are getting lots of chances to play with your toys and include the grown ups in your games.
If you have a computer you can also ask your grown ups to try some of the websites we recommended - there are lots of fun things on there that you can try.
We all miss you very much and hope we can see you soon.
Lots of love from the Early Years Team xx

Rainbows - You can email Mrs Bland with any queries: lblandpmps@gmail.com

The link below will take you to the government website with advice for parents and carers of early years children who have not yet started school.

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