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Welcome to Reception

The staff you will meet in Reception are Miss Laidler, Mrs Whittle, Mrs Harding and Mrs Campbell.
Reception is the final year of the Foundation Stage, in which children are working towards what are known as the ‘Early Years Outcomes’.  These goals provide a firm foundation for the National Curriculum work which the children will begin in year 1. 

Here at Percy Main Primary School, we understand that settling into school life can be a big step for your child, and our main aim is to make sure they experience a smooth and happy transition from Nursery to Reception.

We believe that practical activities and experiences are more valuable and appropriate at this stage of learning, so in Reception we deliver as much of the curriculum as possible in this way.  Through providing the children with a wide range of exciting and stimulating experiences, they have the opportunity to explore, observe, discover, communicate, play and learn – both indoors and out! 

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Our topic this term is:

We are Alive!

This term our topic is 'I am Alive'.  We have decided to explore the idea of being 'alive'.  We will look closely at ourselves as humans, and the things we need to stay alive, and also how we grow and change. 

We will also learn about different pets, animals and their habitats.  Finally we will investigate plants as living things, and what they need to stay alive, grow and change. 

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Spring Term:

Once Upon a Fairytale

Our topic over the Spring Term was based around Fairy Tales. We looked at the different messages and things we can learn from fairy tales. For example, we discussed the idea of greed following ‘The Magic Porridge Pot’, and feelings, emotions and being kind following ’The Ugly Duckling’ and Cinderella. We also re-enforced the ‘stranger danger’ message through Hansel and Gretel.

Our first traditional tale was Jack and the Beanstalk. We used ‘Talk for Writing’ to develop understanding of story structure. Through the use of story maps and story paths we sequenced our favourite tales, and then used our imaginations to change some elements of the story, and made it our own.

Writing opportunitiesalso include writing instructions on how to grow a beanstalk, replying to letters
from fairy tale characters, labelling scenes from stories, writing speech and thought bubbles to reflect a characters feelings, invitations, lists and so on.

We also launched a new reading incentive through which children were rewarded for their efforts at home, so we hoped to instil a love of reading both in school and out.

As well as continuing to develop counting, and number and shape recognition, we also developed our understanding of addition and subtraction. This included finding one more and less, as well as adding
groups together and recording our work in a practical way. For example, we did some adding using Jacks magic beans, and the gingerbread man's buttons!

The children had the opportunity to work outdoors and grow their own beanstalks this term, and learnt about how we can help them to grow.

It was great!

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Autumn Term:


Our topic over the Autumn Term was Superheroes.  As lots of the children expressed an interest in Superheroes during their time in Nursery, we used this as a basis for our learning. 

Alongside our favourite characters, we explored the different superheroes we have within our community, and how they might help us. 

We even had some special visitors to make our learning even more fun too!  

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Harvest Time!

We have been busy harvesting all of the lovely vegetables that we have been growing in our garden! We pulled up carrots, onions, sweetcorn and even some potatoes! Yum yum!
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