Hi everyone,
We hope you are all safe, happy and enjoying this time at home. Your grown ups have told us how hard you have been working and we are all so proud of you for that!
If you are getting a little stuck for more ideas why not try some creative tasks- Easter crafts, painting, drawing, cooking - whatever you fancy!

When we are at school we only tend to work on an activity for between 5-20 minutes as after that we find that you lose a bit of interest and want to go and play. So try and make sure you are getting lots of chances to play with your toys and include the grown ups in your games.
If you have a computer you can also ask your grown ups to try some of the websites we recommended - there are lots of fun things on there that you can try.
We all miss you very much and hope we can see you soon.
Lots of love from the Early Years Team xx
Reception Class - You can email Mrs Godfrey with any queries:

Hi Reception 

I have been having a little look at some fun ways for you to access your Maths whilst at home. I would like you all to have a look at a website called Whiterose Maths. We use this in school from Year 1 upwards, however there is now a lovely section for Reception.
Grown ups all you need to do is type in, click on the Home Learning Tab and then Early Years. The site updates a full weeks worth of activities for your child to complete. I hope these are useful for you all. 

If I can offer any support, help or guidance please just let me know
Stay safe and happy!

Lots of Love 
Mrs Godfrey x 
Hi Reception.

I am going to be asking you all to spend next week (Week beginning 30th March) working on the Easter Craft table I gave you in your Home School pack. This table has 30 activities that you can do and should last you a couple of weeks. Please choose 2x activities a day to complete.

I would also like you to do one Phonics and one Maths activity each day. If you want a little change from what is in your pack try and

Grown ups please do not worry if your child is not wanting to engage in the activities you are giving them or the ones I have suggested above. As a parent I know first hand the challenges of trying to carry out Home Schooling so please be reassured that you are doing a great job!

Children in the Early years learn so much through play, if you can provide opportunities for your child to undertake board games, share stories, draw pictures, write notes, lists, count, cook etc, you will be supporting their learning more than you may know. 

I am here for any advice or support I can offer you so please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Please stay safe, stay at home with your precious little ones and keep an eye on this page for any updates. 

Mrs Godfrey x 

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