Hi everyone,
We hope you are all safe, happy and enjoying this time at home. Your grown ups have told us how hard you have been working and we are all so proud of you for that!
If you are getting a little stuck for more ideas why not try some creative tasks- Easter crafts, painting, drawing, cooking - whatever you fancy!

When we are at school we only tend to work on an activity for between 5-20 minutes as after that we find that you lose a bit of interest and want to go and play. So try and make sure you are getting lots of chances to play with your toys and include the grown ups in your games.
If you have a computer you can also ask your grown ups to try some of the websites we recommended - there are lots of fun things on there that you can try.
We all miss you very much and hope we can see you soon.
Lots of love from the Early Years Team xx
Reception Class - You can email Mrs Godfrey with any queries:

Ahoy there Reception!
I hope you are all happy and having fun at home.
We are going to continue our Pirate Theme with a Daily Challenge this week. Please complete one each day and send me your pictures on my email.
Challenge 1:

As we continue to stay at home I would like you to use your imagination to travel far away to a Desert Island.  Have you ever been to one? I haven't so I would love to know what it looks like! Your first challenge therefore is to explore what Islands look like and why they are called an Island? What surrounds the land? - Use Google Earth and see if you can find any  Islands around the World and zoom in to see what they look like. Can you list the Islands you find? Happy Island Hopping! 
Challenge 2:
Now you know what different Islands look like, I want you to imagine that you are being sent to one that is deserted! There are no houses, shops or toys! Your Challenge today is to make a list of 10 items you would take with you to your Island. Think about what each item will do to help you survive. Collect the items from your house and explain your reasons to your family. Would they take the same things or what would they take? Ask your family to go and get their items and compare what you have all chosen. Why not make a Family Island Essentials list and include everything your family would take too. Happy hunting! 
Challenge 3:
You have your 10 essential items ready for your journey but don't forget your food! On the Island there may not be much to eat so I would like you to help your Grown Up make a packed lunch / dinner for you and your family. You could make some anything your adult will help you with such as sandwiches, cup cakes or a fruit salad etc but be careful to use all of the utensils safely and under the guidance of your adult. Focus on the stages of making the sandwich / cake and try using the sclaes to weigh and measure the ingredients you need, this will help you with your Maths. Happy cooking!
Challenge 4:
In order to get to the Island you are going to have to travel by water. Your challenge today is to look at different materials that you could use to make a boat. The internet is full of great ideas to help you, but I would like you to test some materials out first. You could ask your grown up if they have any recycling products that you could try and put in your bath or sink and see if they float or sink. If you were making a boat which would you want it to do - Float or Sink? When you have found the mateirals you want to use try and make a model of a boat and see if it can float from one side of your bath to the other. I would also like you to look on the internet at Rafts. What is a Raft? Why might you use a raft on an Island? What materials can be used to make a raft? Happy sailing!
Challenge 5:
You have had such a busy week preparing for your Island adventure so to finish the week we need to plan your route! You have your items, food, boat / raft but now we need a map!  Your challenge today is to draw a map. This could be a map of your Island, your journey or a picture of you on your boat sailing away! Take your time to draw each part of your map carefully, colour within the lines and describe to your Grown up what you have drawn. Happy drawing!

As always I would like you to keep practising your daily numbers and RWI Phonics on You Tube. I know this can be tricky but give it a go as you are all Superstars! There are sets of Home packs in the School Office that can also help you with some worksheets to boost your skills in Maths and Phonics, they all have a Pirate theme!

If you find all of this Pirate work has worn you out or your Grown Ups need 5 minutes on a deserted Island themselves :) then have a rest and watch the film Peter Pan / Tinkerbell / SwashBuckle. They will definitely help you to drift away to a Magical Island from the comofrt of your settee! 

Keep safe, keep smiling and keep being you!
Lots of Love
Mrs Godfrey 
Week Beginning 4th May

The book our activities are focussed on this week is The Night Pirates

This week white rose maths (the scheme we use in school) are focussing on the book The Night Pirates they have maths activities you can complete every day that links to the story. Find them here:
RWI have their own youtube channel where they are uploading videos daily for set one sounds at 9:30, each lesson is ten minutes long and available for 24 hours. Log on daily here;
Additional Activities
(Pick one or two a day to complete)

  1. We all have treasure, something that is valuable to us. What’s yours? Draw a picture of it and write a sentence to go with it.
  2. Pirates weren’t always that kind to each other. Can you write some tips on how to be a better friend?
  3. Make some pirate puppets. You could retell the story of create your own pirate adventure story. Maybe an adult could film you.
  4. Put an eye patch on someone and direct them around. How clear are your instructions? Now let someone direct you. Can you follow the instructions?
  5. If you have any play sand, explore digging using different equipment. Try teaspoons for scooping. Hide treasure and use tongs to pick it out.
  6. Walk the plank! Can you find something to balance along? Challenge your family to do the same. Some pirates only had one leg. How long can you balance on one leg for? Who in your family can balance the longest?
  7. You have 12 pieces of treasure. You steal 5 from your Mum. How many do you have now? Make up lots more stories like this, using real objects as the treasure.
  8. Pirates didn’t have houses like us. They lived mostly on boats. Can you find out about the different parts of a pirate ship? You could label a picture of one.
  9. Use either a boat you’ve made, or just a simple plastic container, but make sure it floats. What would happen if there were too many pirates on the boat? Find out by adding objects to the top of your boat. How many objects will it take before it sinks? Are there any objects which make it sink straight away?
  10. Draw a map of your house. Maybe you can turn it into a treasure hunt.
  11. Use equipment around your house to make a telescope and/or sword

Hi Reception.

I am going to be asking you all to spend next week (Week beginning 30th March) working on the Easter Craft table I gave you in your Home School pack. This table has 30 activities that you can do and should last you a couple of weeks. Please choose 2x activities a day to complete.

I would also like you to do one Phonics and one Maths activity each day. If you want a little change from what is in your pack try and

Grown ups please do not worry if your child is not wanting to engage in the activities you are giving them or the ones I have suggested above. As a parent I know first hand the challenges of trying to carry out Home Schooling so please be reassured that you are doing a great job!

Children in the Early years learn so much through play, if you can provide opportunities for your child to undertake board games, share stories, draw pictures, write notes, lists, count, cook etc, you will be supporting their learning more than you may know. 

I am here for any advice or support I can offer you so please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Please stay safe, stay at home with your precious little ones and keep an eye on this page for any updates. 

Mrs Godfrey x 

Hello Reception,

I just wanted to write you another little letter to say that I am missing you all very much and I hope that you are having fun at home with your Grown ups.

I know it can feel strange to not be coming into School each day, seeing your friends, playing with your toys and doing lots of fun things in Reception, but we will be back in School one day and I promise all those fun things will be there waiting for you.

In the meantime I wondered if you might enjoy some new activities? The activities won’t take you very long so there will still be plenty of time to play, watch the TV or use your devices. I would like you to try and do these activities independently or with your Grown-up helping you if needed (try having a go on your own if you can and show them just how amazing you are!)

Each day (apart from the weekend) I would like you to do the following:

  • Write a diary – I can’t wait to hear about how you have been spending your day so write it all down and tell me (Adults there is no pressure here at all! The focus is around writing and forming a sentence / sentences not what the children have / haven’t been doing so please don’t worry! Please encourage the use of Capital letters, full stops and writing phonetically – how the word sounds rather than the exact spelling. At this point in the year we would be looking at between 1 – 4 sentences using the above punctuation, however again please do not worry if your child engages in only 1 sentence.
  • Make your own Flash cards to use each day. You will need a piece of paper that you can cut into squares. On each square I would like you to write the words below and then practise the words every day for 5 minutes:
                                                I     the     he      she     no   go   into   we   me

  • Log onto the Read Write Inc daily phonics session on YouTube. We have been focusing on Set 1 sounds and this session starts at 9.30am everyday. The session will last around 40 minutes and will help you to write in your diary and keep you working as a Phonics Superstar!  
In addition to this I would like you to spend some time making Repeated Patterns – these are patterns which repeat over and over again.
You can make your patterns using anything at all – toys, pencils, pasta shapes, buttons anything at all! I would like you to try the following:

  • Make a repeated pattern using 2 objects eg: pen and pencil
  • Make repeated pattern using 3 objects eg: pen, pencil and rubber
  • Ask your grown up to make different patterns for you and see if you can carry on the pattern.
  • Make a pattern for your grown up and see if they can carry on the pattern you have set for them!

If you would like to experiment further with the actvitites that have been set, please remember to check out the following websites:

See you all soon.
Mrs Godfrey

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