The Percy Main Primary School Safeguarding Children Statement
At Percy Main the health and safety of all children is of paramount importance.
Parents send their children to school each day with the expectation that school provides a secure environment in which their children can flourish.
We therefore must ensure that this expectation becomes reality.
In order to do this a wide range of measures are put in place, details of which can be seen through the documents and information provided on this page.

Percy Main Primary School
Child Protection – Designated Persons

The following members of staff are titled
‘Designated Person’ for Child Protection

Mrs Kathryn Thompson - Head of School
Mrs Jan Leslie – Care, Guidance and Support Officer
Mrs Rebecca Godfrey - Assistant Headteacher
If you are concerned about a child or young person please discuss with one of the above immediately. 

Alternatively should none of the above be available and you remain concerned about safeguarding matters please contact
Front Door Service : 0345 2000 109
Out of Hours : 0191 200 6800
The Local Area Designated Officer (LADO) is Joanne Dean

Reporting Concerns About A Child to North Tyneside Council

If you have concerns about a child outside of the school environment, there are several ways that you can voice your concerns. 

By following the link below, you can contact North Tyneside Council.

They can be reached on 0345 2000 109 during office hours or on 0191 200 6800 during evenings and weekends.

If you think a child is in immediate danger, call 999.

North Tyneside Council Front Door Service

The Front Door Service provides access to all services for children and families in North Tyneside.

If you have concerns about the safety or welfare of a child in North Tyneside the Front Door Service is the first point of contact for everyone.

To contact the Front Door Service call 0345 2000 109.

Operation Endeavour

Operation Endeavour is a new joint procedure between North Tyneside Children’s Services, Northumbria Police and North Tyneside schools to safeguard children and young people at risk of harm from going missing.

The DfE (2014) statutory guidance ‘Children who run away or go missing from home or care’ outlines that these young people are at risk of serious harm from various forms of exploitation, violent crime or drug and alcohol misuse.

When the police receive a report that a young person has been reported missing, they share this with Children’s Social Care who will now notify key adults in school. This ensures that the school can support the pupil as needed and help the child make sense of the way they are feeling and behaving. School staff can also inform the police if the young person arrives at school when they are still believed to be missing or possibly support police and children’s services with information to locate the child.

If you would like to find out more about Operation Endeavour,
please speak to our Care, Guidance and Support Officer.
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