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John Walsh Headteacher

I have had the privilege and pleasure of being headteacher at Percy Main Primary School since September 2007. I can say without any hesitation that it has been the most fulfilling, challenging and happiest time of my time in education. 
I am extremely fortunate to work with people who are totally committed to making our children have high, realistic and achievable aspirations.
The School Leadership and Improvement Team was formed in 2007 and we were all ‘new’ to the role at that time. Our belief in distributive leadership has helped us grow into an extremely strong, supportive and effective team.
I strongly encourage all staff to view themselves as potential and actual ‘leaders’ and as a result many staff are making significant progress in their careers and professional development.

Percy Main belongs to a collaboration of 15 local schools who work together on such areas as: curriculum innovation, narrowing the gap activities, multi agency work and more recently formulating packages of school to school support.
As a Local Leader of Education (LLE) I provide support to other schools and I am also a Professional Partner to 3 headteachers within our authority.

I firmly believe that this ‘collaborative’ approach to school improvement and using the expertise that is within our schools is the most effective and best form of school improvement.

Donna Callaghan Deputy Headteacher

I have always had a desire to work in teaching and, after qualifying from the Institute of Education, University of London in August 2000, I became a Year Four teacher in a large 4-form entry primary school in South West London. In August 2003 I relocated to the North East and continued my teaching career at Percy Main. 

I have always had a passion for knowledge and believe that I can pass on my enthusiasm for learning to my pupils.  I believe in having very high standards in my own work and I encourage my students to do the same. I am Deputy Headteacher and I feel that I have supported our Headteacher in raising standards across our school. I am committed to professional development and regularly attend courses and workshops which I believe will benefit not only myself but also our school community.  In October 2010 I gained the National Professional Qualification for Headship and in 2016 I became a proud member of the Ofsted Inspectorate.

I have very high aspirations for our pupils and school, and believe that outdoor learning forms an integral part of the curriculum for pupils.  Over the past few years I have helped develop a more creative curriculum which incorporates the use of outdoor learning to inspire and engage all of our students. 

At home, my daughter keeps me very busy. We enjoy reading and love watching The Great British Bake Off together. When I haven’t got my head in a book, my passion is watching AFC Wimbledon and Formula One racing.

Lisa Duffy Key Stage 2 Manager

Having worked in the private sector for eleven years after graduating from university I decided to have a change in career. I completed the Graduate Teacher Programme in 2007 while working at Christ Church C of E Primary School. Following that I joined the team at Percy Main Primary in September 2007, teaching year 5 and being subject leader for MFL.

I started working with our School Improvement Team in 2010 in order to develop a more rich and diverse curriculum. This work has included the successful completion of two Creative Partnerships projects along with the development of relationships and a range of projects with a broad range of creative organisations. This role continues to evolve and is central to my current leadership responsibilities which include: Creative Curriculum leadership and being Key Stage Two Manager. I have taught in year 6 for three years, enjoying the challenges of delivering an exciting curriculum whilst preparing the class for SAT’s. 

Julie McCarron Foundation Stage Leader Gifted and Talented Coordinator

I joined the staff at Percy Main Primary School on 1 September 1998.  Previously to this appointment I had taught across the primary age range at a school in Newcastle, however, my heart lies in Nursery and Early Years education.   I derive great personal satisfaction from working with, and preparing, our youngest children to engage fully in school life and I consider it a great privilege to work with children during these formative years.   My work in school is supported by a fantastic team of early year’s practitioners who specialise in delivering the Foundation Stage curriculum. 
I gained a Degree of Bachelor of Science in Biological Studies degree (which included primary teacher training) from The University of Leeds in July 1994.  Since then I have taken every opportunity to engage in an ongoing programme of professional development.  This helps me to continually update and improve my knowledge and understanding of how children, particularly younger children, play, learn and develop.  This enables me to focus and plan a variety of early years learning experiences matched specifically to each child’s individual needs.

Kathryn Thompson Special Needs Coordinator

I have worked at Percy Main Primary School since September 1999.  During these years as well as being a class based teacher I have developed my specialism which is working with children who have special educational needs.  I  am convinced that all children, given the right level of support, recognition and encouragement can believe in themselves and achieve personal satisfaction through their studies.  I am committed to improving my own abilities in order to give my best to my students.  I network with other professionals e.g. other special needs teachers, educational psychologists, language professionals, as well as ensuring that I attend relevant courses to help me employ the most current and proven strategies to support these children.  

I am also a member of the School Improvement Team and feel that this provides me with the opportunity of ensuring that the needs of this special group of children are being considered when discussing the School Improvement Plan and in particular when considering both the current and future years curriculum. 

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