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gold star award
Friday 3rd April : Star Award 

This week's star home-learner is Coleby - Check out the animal habitats he made (Pictures below). He has also written non-fiction articles about different animals and their habitats. I've emailed your Mum a certificate. Coleby, Well Done! 

CM penguin zone
CM Sand zone
CM fishscape
 A message from Mr Mole:

Hi Everyone, I hope you're all staying safe!
You should start each day with some phonics or reading.
The company that produces the phonics scheme we use within school are publishing daily phonics lessons between 9:30 and 10:30. Live videos and the back catalogue can be found on their Youtube channel. I recommend for phonics games.
Read as much as you can, even if it is just some news articles on the newsround website but if you need some more books Oxford Owl has a huge library of ebooks that are currently free to access. All you need is an email to set up a free account.
Inspired by some of the Hub children recently discovering The Lion, the Witch and the wardrobe I'm currently re-reading all of the Chronicles of Narnia. Don't forget to note down what books you're reading and whether or not you liked them. 
Try and get some maths done each day, this could be from your home learning pack, from tasks I set on Purple Mash or from TTrockstars.  I also recommend NUMBOTs to practice the basic skills of maths. The logins I gave you for TTrockstars should work for this. 
As well as phonics/reading and Maths, I've been issuing new tasks on Purple Mash each day, these might be art related, a science job or something else. I love all the messages that I am getting when children submit their work. I'll be printing off all your hard work and we can create a display of all the work completed during all of this self isolation so don't forget to save it so I get to download it. If you fancy getting arty check out #drawwithrob he has a huge catalogue of drawing tutorials.  
While working hard on academic studies is important, please also use this time to enjoy the company of your household and have fun. Here are some suggested activities: 
  • Bake and cook together. 
  • Play with toys together.
  • Do household chores together. 
  • Play some board games. 
  • Create models out of lego, or whatever you find around the house. 
  • Make a daily phone call to someone you love, but cannot see due to social distancing. 
  • Do something kind each day for someone in your house. 

Please look after you physical and mental health. Do exercise when you can and make sure you talk to those around you.  
As this is an unprecedented and unique time in human history it will be taught about in years to come. I think you should all start journals of your experience of being in self isolation - would be very interesting to look back on it when you are a grown up. It could be a written journal, like a diary or picture based log of what you have been doing. It could even be a vlog, as I know there are some Youtube star wannabes in The Hub. Feel free to share this with me if you do choose to do it but remember to stay safe online during all of this e-learning. Childnet have some good resources to help you and your adults understand a little more about staying safe online.  
If you need to get in touch with me, do not hesitate to email me:
I miss you all, and look forward to seeing you all again soon.
Mr Mole. 

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