Welcome to Percy Main Primary School

Welcome to Year 2

The staff you will meet in Year Two are Mrs Callaghan, Miss Brownrigg and Mrs Whittle. In the Summer Term we will be joined by Miss Jones.

In Year 2 we have lots of fun and believe in fostering a love of learning. During each of our topics we provide the children with a broad and diverse range of experiences, both inside and outside the classroom.

Our topics this year wil include:

  • The Wild West

  • Who's Afraid of the Dark?

  • Pole to Pole

  • Down at the Bottom of the Garden

  • Fee Fi Fo Fum!

  • Under the Canopy
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Under the Canopy

For our final topic this year we will be learning all about rainforests.

We will learn about aniamls and insects that live in the rainforest and find out about the layers of vegetation in these areas. We will also find out about deforestation and look at the damage that is being done to these areas of the world.

ICT will be used to conduct research for all areas of this topic, as well as to present ideas and findings. We will then use these facts to write a discussion text about the desctruction of the rainforests. We will learn about presenting arguments for and against, organising information into paragraphs and using conjunctions and adjectives to make ur writing interesting and engaging.

We will also have the opportunity to study and explore a range of non-fiction and fiction texts, looking at many aspects of the rainforest. We will use the film Tarzan as a stimulus for creative writing and artwork. A lot of time will be spent outdoors. We wil create willow bows and arrows, clay stick people, rafts to float down the Amazon, tribal tree guardians and tribal headddresses. We will also use our school grounds to explore shapes in nature for Maths and create wild storyboards in Literacy.

In Art and design, we will study and create a range of 2D and 3D designs reflecting all aspects of the topic. These will include oil and pastel images of toucans and parrots, pastel images of Tarzan and traditional rainforest masks. We will also study the artist Henri Rousseau and recreate some of his jungle images.

To further enhance this topic, we will visit the Winter Gardens in Sunderland.

For more information, please click on the links below:


Please click on the link below to download a copy of the homework tasks for this half term:

Boruca Rainforest Masks

Thank you very much to all of our mums, dads, grandads and grandmas who joined us to make our Boruca rainforests masks.

Boruca masks originated during the Spanish Conquest. Villagers learned the Spanish were afraid of the devil, so in an attempt to protect their village, they wore “diablo” (devil) masks. They failed to chase the Spanish away, but were able to save their village. Each year since, a festival is held to commemorate this with a festival called Juego de los Diabolitos. The main element of this festival is a bull mask and costume representing Spain doing battle with “diablo” masked participants. They are defeated, but their spirits return to then defeat the bull, and his costume is tossed onto a fire, vanquishing the enemy. The masks today are made from balsa wood and typically painted, but they were originally carved from cedar and left unpainted. TThe masks are carved with simple tools and other than small, fragile parts, are made from a single piece of wood. Originally painted with natural pigments, they are painted today with acrylics.

With the help of our families, we decorated our with flora and fauna found in the rainforest.

We had a great afternoon!

To see more photographs, please visit our gallery page.


Artist of the Week

Photo 31-03-2017, 14 38 44

Our Philosophy


In Year Two we are encouraged to be

Screen Shot 2017-07-09 at 13.44.00
Screen Shot 2017-07-09 at 13.44.41
Screen Shot 2017-07-09 at 13.45.53
Screen Shot 2017-07-09 at 13.46.10

Should rainforest animals be kept in the zoo?

In Literacy we are learning how to write a discussion text. As part of this we have been considering points for and against a number of issues. Our latest issue was 'Should rainforest animals be kept in zoos?'.

This questioned created much discussion. Some children explained how they thought wild animals should be in their natural habitats, free to roam and hunt, whilst others recognised the need to use zoos to protect and conserve endangered species of animals.

To help us consider the matter in detail, we used our garden to create a natural environment for the rainforest animals alongside a zoo.

Which side of the discussion are you on?
Screen Shot 2017-06-17 at 10.01.31
Screen Shot 2017-06-17 at 10.01.49
Screen Shot 2017-06-17 at 10.01.57
Screen Shot 2017-06-17 at 10.02.06
Screen Shot 2017-06-17 at 10.02.13
Screen Shot 2017-06-17 at 10.02.20
Screen Shot 2017-06-17 at 10.02.27
Screen Shot 2017-06-17 at 10.02.46

Rainforest in a Bottle

We are investigating the rainforest's unique eco system by creating our own rainforests in a bottle! These will allow us to observe how the water cycle works in a rainforest. We added soil, charcoal and vegetation to replicate the layers of the rainforest.

We can't wait to see what happens!
Screen Shot 2017-06-17 at 15.39.35
Screen Shot 2017-06-17 at 15.39.42
Screen Shot 2017-06-17 at 15.39.49
Screen Shot 2017-06-17 at 15.39.56
Screen Shot 2017-06-17 at 15.40.04
Screen Shot 2017-06-17 at 15.40.13
Screen Shot 2017-06-17 at 15.40.22
Screen Shot 2017-06-17 at 15.40.29

Homework Gallery

Here is a small sample of the fantastic 'Under the Canopy' homework from this half term:
Screen Shot 2017-06-17 at 15.28.50
Screen Shot 2017-06-17 at 15.28.57
Screen Shot 2017-06-17 at 15.29.04
Screen Shot 2017-06-17 at 15.29.09
Screen Shot 2017-06-17 at 15.29.16
Screen Shot 2017-06-19 at 20.09.27
Screen Shot 2017-06-19 at 20.09.34
Screen Shot 2017-06-28 at 08.35.40
Screen Shot 2017-06-28 at 08.35.47
Screen Shot 2017-06-28 at 08.35.53
Screen Shot 2017-07-01 at 09.13.35
Screen Shot 2017-07-01 at 09.13.40
Screen Shot 2017-07-09 at 13.30.07
Screen Shot 2017-07-09 at 14.04.18
Screen Shot 2017-07-09 at 14.04.31
Screen Shot 2017-07-09 at 14.04.44
Screen Shot 2017-07-09 at 14.05.36
Screen Shot 2017-07-09 at 13.30.00

'Under the Canopy' Display Gallery

Screen Shot 2017-06-28 at 08.35.59
Screen Shot 2017-06-28 at 08.36.32
Screen Shot 2017-06-28 at 08.37.07
Screen Shot 2017-07-09 at 13.30.26
Screen Shot 2017-04-08 at 09.08.38

Fee Fi Fo Fum!

This half term, we 'super sized' and learnt about all things giant!

In Literacy we used texts such as 'The BFG' by Roald Dahl, 'Where the Wild Things Are' by Maurice Sendak, 'The Building Boy' by Ross Montgomery and different versions of 'Jack and the Beanstalk'.

In Maths we looked at measuring the height, length and width of 'giants', animals and objects around us. We then moved on to look at position and direction and visited Wallsend Park to undertake some orienteering and visit the 'Ginkgo Giants'.

In Art and Design Technology we explored a range of 2D and 3D work, using clay, pastel and paint techniques to create our own fabulous work. We found out about giant pieces of art and sculptures such as the Northumberlandia and the Angel of the North. We also learnt about the artist who created the Angel (Anthony Gormley).

We investigated the history of giants such as the Yeti and Bigfoot and myths around landmarks such as The Giant's Causeway and Stonehenge.

In PE we learnt and performed the Haka, traditionally performed by the New Zealand All Blacks Rugby team to scare and intimidate their opposition.

In Science we learnt about materials around us and in ICT we found out about and used algorithms.

To support our learning in this topic we visited Wallsend Park, Northumberlandia, the Angel of the North and Forbidden Corner.

For more information please click on the links below:


Please click on the link below to download a copy of the homework tasks for this half term:

Wild Thing Rumpus!

As part of our 'Fee Fi Fo Fum' topic we had a fantastic Forest School session to celebrate our work on 'Where the Wild Things Are' by Maurice Sendak. We began by making crowns and bracelets from natural materials. We then painted our faces and made wild costumes out of natural materials, including grass and twigs, to become 'wild things'.

At last we were all ready and the 'Wild Thing Rumpus' began!

We sat in the garden and ate wild food and had a fantastically 'wild' time!
Screen Shot 2017-05-27 at 07.31.25
Screen Shot 2017-05-27 at 07.31.37
Screen Shot 2017-05-27 at 07.31.54
Screen Shot 2017-05-27 at 07.32.01
Screen Shot 2017-05-27 at 07.32.22
Screen Shot 2017-05-27 at 07.32.29
Screen Shot 2017-05-27 at 07.32.49
Screen Shot 2017-05-27 at 07.32.55

Visit to Forbidden Corner

As part of our 'Fee Fi Fum' topic, we visited 'The Forbidden Corner' in North Yorkshire. We had a great time in the sunshine! As soon as we arrived at the centre we quickly settled down to enjoy our packed lunches and were amazed at the number of birds that we could spot including bullfinches, blue tits, robins, a golden pheasant and a mother duck with her ducklings.

After lunch we started our adventure by entering the Forbidden Corner through a Giants gaping mouth (which kept burping!) Once safely through we found ourselves in a secret fantasy world where we had to find our way through winding mazes and meandering path which had surprises hidden around every corner including magical water features and fountains that squirted jets of water at us!

This visit gave us a wonderful insight into a world of myths, legends and fantasy which  will provide us with an abundance of inspiration to support our current topic 'Fee Fi Fo Fum'.

Please visit our Gallery Page to see more photos.
Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 13.50.39
Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 13.51.08
Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 13.51.22
Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 13.51.34
Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 13.51.49
Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 13.52.06
Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 13.52.17
Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 13.52.29

Position and direction at Wallsend Park

We visited Zoe Frazer (Senior Education Warden) at Wallsend Park to apply our mathematical learning in a real life context!

We have been learning all about positional and direction. This has included left, right, clockwise, anti-clockwise, forwards, backwards and whole, half and quarter turns. We used this positional and directional language to find our way around the park to a series of 'giant' related clues .

We found clues to the Angel of the North, Stonehenge, The BFG, Jack and the Beanstalk and the tallest tree in the park!

We had great fun and collaborated brilliantly in our groups!

Visit our Gallery page to see more photos.

Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 14.51.15
Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 14.51.22
Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 14.51.40
Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 14.54.59

Real life 'giants'... Northumberlandia and Angel of the North

As part of our 'Fee Fi Fo Fum' topic, we have been searching for GIANT!

Our first stop was at the land art in the shape of a giant lady called Northumberlandia which is beside Cramlington.
Made of 1.5 million tonnes of earth from neighbouring Shotton Surface Mine, it is 34 metres (112 feet) high and 400 metres (1,300 feet) long, set in a 19 hectares (47 acres) public park. Its creators claim that it is the largest land sculpture in female form in the world! We explored the many different paths that, when viewed from above, create the picture of the giant lady. We went right to the top and marvelled at the amazing views of the surrounding countryside.
We then had lunch and got back on the coach to travel to the giant sculpture of the Angel of the North at Gateshead. We stood at the Angel’s feet and looked up at this enormous sculpture which is 20 metres (66 ft) tall, with wings measuring 54 metres (177 ft). The wings do not stand straight sideways, but are angled 3.5 degrees forward; Sir Antony Gormley who created the sculpture in 1998 said that he did this to create "a sense of embrace".

We then settled down with their sketch pads to draw the Angel in preparation for our art lesson the next day, when we will produce some fantastic pastel pictures.

Please visit our Gallery Page to see our fantastic artwork and more brilliant photos.
Screen Shot 2017-05-13 at 06.46.57
Screen Shot 2017-05-13 at 06.47.05
Screen Shot 2017-05-13 at 06.47.25
Screen Shot 2017-05-13 at 06.47.51
Screen Shot 2017-05-13 at 06.50.55
Screen Shot 2017-05-13 at 06.51.04
Screen Shot 2017-05-13 at 06.51.12
Screen Shot 2017-05-13 at 06.51.19
The Angel of the North even inspired Cai to sing some beatiful opera!

Click on the link below to watch his magnificient performance!


We have been learning all about Stonehenge. It is one of the most famous prehistoric monuments in the world! Stonehenge was built on Salisbury's Plain in Wiltshire over 4500 years ago. It is visited frequently by curios people trying to solve the mystery of the monument...why was Stonehenge built and what was it for?

This got us thinking! We thought it might have been giant's teeth left lying around (giants don't have tooth fairies!), a boxing ring for giants, a playground for giant's children or even the remains of a giant's kitchen!

We then recreated Stonehenge using clay and pastels.

Check out our Gallery page to see our finished work.
Screen Shot 2017-05-13 at 07.05.22
Screen Shot 2017-05-13 at 07.05.35
Screen Shot 2017-05-13 at 07.05.41
Screen Shot 2017-05-13 at 07.05.50
magnifying glass kid

Maths Minature Zoo

In Maths we have been learning about standard units of measure and looking at how to measure accurately.

Miss Jones showed us lots of images in minature animals. These included a frog that was only 7mm long, a bumble bee bat that is 2cm long and a Brookesia chameleon that is 3cm long!

We then had to use magnifying glasses to read the tiny facts cards about each of these miniature animals. We  then accurately draw three of these amazing, tiny creatures to scale to create our own miniature zoos! We used rulers and needed to use both cenimetres and millimetres because some of the creatures were so small!

It was tricky but we used our learning muscles to be patient, perseverant and thoughtful and we got there in the end!

It was great fun!
Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 18.18.14
Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 18.18.22
Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 18.18.32
Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 18.18.45
Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 18.18.52
Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 18.19.01
Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 18.19.10

World's Tallest Man comes to visit!

In Maths we have been looking at measuring length and comparing lengths using <, > and =.

To tie in with our topic about 'Giants', we looked at some giant objects, people and buildings in the Guinness World Record Book. And then look who came to visit us!? It was only Robert Wadlow...the world's tallest man ever!

Towering at an impessive 2.72m, we stood next to him and compared our height with his! We all looked tiny!

Visit our Gallery page to see more photographs.

Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 08.42.08
Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 08.42.14
Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 08.44.02
Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 08.44.16

Homework Gallery

Here is just a selection of some of our fantastic 'Fee Fi Fo Fum' homework from this half term:
Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 18.20.20
Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 18.20.26
Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 18.20.31
Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 18.20.38
Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 18.20.44
Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 18.20.51
Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 18.21.03
Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 18.21.12
Screen Shot 2017-05-06 at 07.54.03
Screen Shot 2017-05-13 at 07.10.31
Screen Shot 2017-05-13 at 07.09.31
Screen Shot 2017-05-13 at 07.09.05
Screen Shot 2017-05-13 at 07.09.14
Screen Shot 2017-05-13 at 07.08.30
Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 15.01.04
Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 15.01.10
Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 14.28.27
Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 14.28.33
Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 14.28.38
Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 14.28.43

'Fee Fi Fo Fum' Display Gallery

Screen Shot 2017-05-13 at 07.17.05
Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 14.30.00
Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 14.30.07
Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 14.30.16
Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 14.30.22
Screen Shot 2017-07-09 at 13.30.19

Contraction Surgery!

As part of our Literacy work we have been learning to spell words with contracted forms (eg; can't, won't, she'll etc). To fully understand how the words are contracted to form new, shorter, less formal words, we became surgeons!

Suitably dressed in our face masks and gloves, we used scapels (well scissors!) to perform the surgery on our given words and then patched them back together using plasters. We even wrote prescriptions for them!

We had lots of fun and learnt lots about spelling contracted forms of words.

Photo 24-04-2017, 11 05 47
Photo 24-04-2017, 11 06 02
Photo 24-04-2017, 11 06 12
Photo 24-04-2017, 11 07 17
Photo 24-04-2017, 11 07 39
Photo 24-04-2017, 11 07 54
Photo 24-04-2017, 11 08 31
Photo 24-04-2017, 11 10 36
Photo 24-04-2017, 11 11 23
Photo 24-04-2017, 11 11 49
Photo 24-04-2017, 11 12 28
Photo 24-04-2017, 11 13 21
Photo 24-04-2017, 11 16 07
Photo 24-04-2017, 11 16 38
Photo 24-04-2017, 11 20 10
Photo 24-04-2017, 11 20 55
Photo 24-04-2017, 11 28 44
Photo 24-04-2017, 11 31 34
Photo 24-04-2017, 11 32 40
Photo 24-04-2017, 11 33 25
Screen Shot 2017-02-20 at 16.33.18

Down at The Bottom of the Garden

Spring Term 2:

Down at the Bottom of the Garden
This half term, we learnt all about the wildlife and plants that can be found 'down at the bottom of our garden'. We used learning outside the classroom opportunities to explore the area around us.

In Literacy we read stories such as 'Frog Belly Rat  Bone' and learnt all about William Shakespeare when we studied the film 'Gnomeo and Juliet'. This tied in with 'Shakespeare Week'. We then use these stories as a basis for our own narrative writing.

In Maths we use 'The Rabbit Problem' by Emily Gravett to develop our understanding of addition and subtraction, statistics and place value.

In Art and Design Technology we explored a range of 2D and 3D work and used clay, pastel and sewing techniques to create our own fabulous work. These included images of hares, toads, fungi and Gnomeo and Juliet characters.

As part of this topic we visited Chopwell Woods and used the facilities at Norham High School to do some baking.

For more information please click on the links below:


Please click on the link below to download a copy of the homework tasks for this half term:

Evicted fairies move in!

Oh no! We were very sad to read a news report about a group of fairies who had been evicted from their homes in Wayford Woods, Somerset. We thought this was terrible news so we wrote to the fairies inviting them to come and live in the beautiful gardens of Percy Main Primary School.

The very next day we received a letter from the fairies thanking us for their offer and explaining how they had moved in! We didn't quite believe it so we went and had a look around the garden! We were amazed at what we saw! We left them notes to welcome them!

Visit our Gallery page to see more images:
Screen Shot 2017-04-08 at 08.46.25
Screen Shot 2017-04-08 at 08.46.44
Screen Shot 2017-04-08 at 08.47.07
Screen Shot 2017-04-08 at 08.47.24

Visit to Chopwell Woods

As part of our 'Down at the Bottom of the garden' topic, we had an exciting time exploring Chopwell Woods.

The morning started with a walk through the woods looking for, and identifying, flora and fauna working from some Nature Detective spotter sheets. As it is still early in the growing season the woods were sparse of many leaves and flowers. We looked for evidence of mini-beasts as we walked through the woods and then created a habitat for them.

After all this exploring it was time for lunch then off again to explore another part of the woods. We used clay and natural materials from the woods to make Tree Guardians.

The weather held up and we had a great day!

Please visit our Gallery page to see more photos of the day.
Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 14.50.56
Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 14.51.32
Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 14.52.08
Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 14.52.18

Stop Frame Animations

We worked with Neil Brown (School Improvenment Advisor for Computing) to create our very own animations! We began by collaborating to create the background and then some charcaters who would feature in our stories. We then used Macbooks and webcams to create stop frame animations.

We had to think carefully about the position and movements of our characters. Small, careful movements made our animations look really professional and we had to make sure that we had moved our hands out of the way before we took each frame.

We had great fun! Thank you to Mr Brown for a fantastic day!

Please click below to see watch our animations:
Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 16.59.09
Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 16.59.18
Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 16.59.26
Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 16.59.32
Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 16.59.38
Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 16.59.49
Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 16.59.55
Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 17.02.24

Cooking at Norham!

As part our 'Down at the Bottom of the Garden' topic, we visited Norham High School to do some baking! We worked with Mrs Bowers (Head of Food and Textiles) to bake some fairy cakes.

We began by measuring out the flour, sugar, baking power and eggs and mixed them well ready to cook in the oven. We worked safely and sensibly with out 'oven buddies' when putting our cakes into the hot ovens.

Whilst they cooked and then cooled, we made the butter icing to go on the top. We mixed icing sugar, cocoa powder and a splash of milk.

Finally we decorated our cakes using the icing, rabbit jellies, sugar carrots and foam fungi! Yum yum!!

Thank you very much to Norham and Mrs Bowers. We had a fantastic morning!

Please visit our Gallery page to see more photos.
Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 14.19.18
Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 14.19.34
Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 14.20.10
Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 14.20.23

Musical Masterpiece

'Down at the Bottom of the Garden' Display Gallery

Screen Shot 2017-04-01 at 19.15.59
Screen Shot 2017-04-01 at 19.16.32
Screen Shot 2017-04-01 at 19.16.21
Screen Shot 2017-04-01 at 19.16.14
Screen Shot 2017-04-01 at 19.15.52
Screen Shot 2017-04-01 at 19.16.07

Homework Gallery

Below is just a taster of some of the amazing 'Down at the Bottom of the Garden' homework tasks completed:
Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 16.01.09
Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 16.04.09
Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 16.04.15
Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 19.40.59
Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 19.41.06
Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 19.41.11
Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 19.41.17
Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 19.41.24
Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 19.41.30
Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 19.41.37
Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 16.56.22
Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 16.56.38
Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 16.56.59
Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 16.56.46
Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 16.56.53
Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 16.56.32
Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 16.57.42
Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 16.57.49
Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 16.57.55
Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 16.58.01
Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 16.58.08
Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 16.58.14
Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 16.58.19
Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 16.58.26
Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 11.02.24
Screen Shot 2017-03-26 at 18.56.21
Screen Shot 2017-03-26 at 18.56.27
Screen Shot 2017-03-26 at 18.56.34
Screen Shot 2017-03-26 at 18.56.43
Screen Shot 2017-03-26 at 18.56.51
Screen Shot 2017-03-26 at 18.56.56
Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 11.02.13
Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 15.35.01
Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 15.35.11
Screen Shot 2017-01-11 at 09.34.11
Spring 1:

Pole to Pole

During this half term we learnt all about the Arctic and Antarctic.

We read and discussed a number of texts including 'Lost and Found' by Oliver Jeffers, 'Dear Polar Bear' by Barry Ablett, 'Immi' by Karin Littlewood and 'Missuk's Geese' by Anne Renauldand. We used these stories to support and inspire our own narrative writing that wowed and amazed the readers!

We located the Arctic Circle on a map and found out which countries are part of the Arctic Circle. We also learnt about the weather and climate of these areas and learnt about the plants and animals that are indigenous to these areas. We looked at physical features of polar countries and compared the town of Sisimuit with the UK city of London.

We also learnt about the Inuit people who inhabitat the polar regions, as well as discovering how explorers such as Shackleton and Fiennes have explored these areas.

We looked at both 2D and 3D art by a number of different artists and illustrators including Beth Sheffield.

To find out more, click on the links below:


Please click on the link below to download a copy of the homework tasks for this half term:


Inukshuk means "in the likeness of a human" in the Inuit language. They are monuments made of unworked stones that are used by the Inuit for communication and survival. The traditional meaning of the inukshuk is "Someone was here" or "You are on the right path."

We used stones to make our own. Getting them to balance was extremely tricky but we used our Building Learning Power Smurfs, Collaboration and Patience, and were all very successful in the end.

Visit our Gallery page to see more.

Screen Shot 2017-01-21 at 14.47.31
Screen Shot 2017-01-21 at 14.47.39
Screen Shot 2017-01-21 at 14.47.46
Screen Shot 2017-01-21 at 14.47.53

Save Our Penguins!

We looked at how we could stop our penguin ice blocks from melting! We investigated a range of different materials including cooton, wool, plastic, foil and feathers to see if we could keep our penguin in it's ice and stop it from turning into water.

We concluded that foil was the best at keeping the heat out.

Visit our Gallery page to see more photos.
Screen Shot 2017-01-21 at 15.00.43
Screen Shot 2017-01-21 at 15.01.06
Screen Shot 2017-01-21 at 15.01.36
Screen Shot 2017-01-21 at 15.01.58

Edinburgh Zoo Web Page Design

Following a tweet, letter and text message, we designed our own web pages about polar animals for Edinburgh Zoo. We began by researching polar bears, penguins, walruses, orcas, caribou, Arctic foxes and Arctic wolves to find out all about each of the animals. We then organised our facts under the headings 'Diet', 'Habitat' and 'Interesting Facts'. We made sure that they were bursting with information, eye-catching and colourful. We collaborated with a partner to create these fantastic designs.
Screen Shot 2017-02-16 at 17.17.35
Screen Shot 2017-02-16 at 17.17.43
Screen Shot 2017-02-16 at 17.17.49
Screen Shot 2017-02-16 at 17.17.58

Blubber Glove Experiment

Penguins, and other animals that live in cold climates, have layers of fat called blubber. We investigated the advantages of this layer of fat. We used lard to represent the blubber. We tested to see if it helped keep our hand warmer in cold water.
It felt really strange, but worked because the hand in the blubber didn't feel as cold!

Screen Shot 2017-02-16 at 17.06.10
Screen Shot 2017-02-16 at 17.05.25
Screen Shot 2017-02-16 at 17.05.36
Screen Shot 2017-02-16 at 17.05.54

Homework Gallery

Below is just a small sample of some of the fantastic 'Pole to Pole' homework from this half term.
Screen Shot 2017-01-17 at 15.14.15
Screen Shot 2017-01-17 at 15.14.23
Screen Shot 2017-01-17 at 15.14.30
Screen Shot 2017-01-17 at 15.14.37
Screen Shot 2017-01-21 at 14.36.51
Screen Shot 2017-01-28 at 08.29.18
Screen Shot 2017-01-28 at 08.31.40
Screen Shot 2017-01-28 at 08.29.26
Screen Shot 2017-01-28 at 08.29.49
Screen Shot 2017-01-28 at 08.29.57
Photo 22-01-2017, 17 40 23
Photo 22-01-2017, 18 02 57
Photo 22-01-2017, 18 45 01
Photo 22-01-2017, 18 54 34
Photo 22-01-2017, 19 11 37
Screen Shot 2017-01-30 at 16.20.48
Screen Shot 2017-02-01 at 16.42.28
Screen Shot 2017-02-01 at 16.42.35
Screen Shot 2017-02-01 at 16.42.42
Screen Shot 2017-02-15 at 20.02.07
Screen Shot 2017-02-15 at 20.02.17
Screen Shot 2017-02-15 at 20.02.23
Screen Shot 2017-02-15 at 20.02.29
Screen Shot 2017-02-16 at 16.54.18

Pole to Pole Display Gallery

Screen Shot 2017-01-28 at 08.40.05
Screen Shot 2017-01-28 at 08.40.14
Screen Shot 2017-01-28 at 08.40.32
Screen Shot 2017-02-15 at 20.04.22

Little Red Riding Hood S.T.E.M. Challenge

Oh no! Little Red Riding Hood has got items that she needs to take to Granma’s house, but she can’t find her basket! Can you help Little Red Riding Hood design and create a model out the materials provided, to help her carrier the items to her Grandma’s house?

As part of our whole school focus on creating modern versions of traditional fairytales, we worked collaboratively to solve this problem.


We discuss the need for our container  to be sturdy enough to carry the items though the forest and looked at the different materials provided (sugar paper, tape, stapler, glue sticks, rulers, scissors, string). We tested, evaluated and modified our designs until they were capable of carrying 50 multilink cubes 100 steps!

Screen Shot 2017-02-15 at 20.13.04
Screen Shot 2017-02-15 at 20.14.01
Screen Shot 2017-02-15 at 20.13.13
Screen Shot 2017-02-15 at 20.13.19
Screen Shot 2017-02-15 at 20.13.32
Screen Shot 2017-02-15 at 20.13.38
Screen Shot 2017-02-15 at 20.13.45
Screen Shot 2017-02-15 at 20.13.53
Screen Shot 2016-10-22 at 14.22.52
Autumn Term 2:

Who's Afraid of the Dark?

During this half term we learnt all about nocturnal animals, night and day and light and dark.

We learnt all about nocturnal animals including bats, hedgehogs, and owls. We studied their habitats and looked at how these animals hunt and survive at night-time.

ICT was used to conduct research for all elements of this topic, as well as to present ideas and findings.

We then used these facts to write a non-chronological report about nocturnal animals. We looked at how to organise information into a report using sub-headings and paragraphs. We also practised using conjunctions, generalisers and adjectives to make our writing interesting and engaging.

We also had the opportunity to study and explore a range of non-fiction and fiction texts, looking at many aspects of night-time and darkness.

In Art and Design Technology, we studied and created a range of stunning 2D and 3D designs reflecting all aspects of the topic. These included painted and pastel images of bats and the night sky, pastel and feather images of owls, as well as creating a habitat for a hedgehog and sewing a cute furry bat!

We even have some very special visitors and an 'After Dark' nightime experience....we had an amazing time!

To find out more please click on the links below:


Please click on the link below to download a copy of the homework tasks for this half term:

#Mannequin Challenge

The Mannequin Challenge is a viral Internet video trend where people remain frozen in action like mannequins while a moving camera films them. The hashtag #MannequinChallenge was used on Twitter and Instagram. It is believed that the phenomenon was started by students in Jacksonville, Florida, in October 2016. It has been to bullet time scenes from science fiction films such as The Matrix, and X-Men.

The initial post has inspired works by other groups, especially professional athletes and sports teams, who have posted increasingly complex and elaborate videos...so we thought we would have a turn!

What do you think?

'After Dark' Experience

As part of our 'Who's Afraid of the Dark?' topic, we returned to  school at 6.00 for a fantastic ‘After Dark’ experience as the grand finale to their ‘Who’s Afraid of the Dark?’ topic.

Unfortunately as the weather was not very favourable part of the evening had to be spent inside but that did not spoil the event. We enjoyed making cute little owls out of stones, read stories in the dark about night time and nocturnal animals using only torch light, designed a garden that would attract nocturnal animals for our dolls house and painted a giant night time mural on huge rolls of paper.

We explored our outdoor areas by torchlight and searched for owl puppets, hunted for nocturnal animals and insects, listened to the sounds of the evening and shone torches high up to the sky to see how far the torch beams would travel.

Then to end the evening we gathered around an open fire to enjoy hot dogs and ‘Smores’ (digestive biscuits sandwiched together with a toasted marshmallow squashed in the middle).

The children (and adults) all had a brilliant time and thoroughly enjoyed the evening.

Thanks must go to Mrs Callaghan, Miss Brownrigg, Mrs Whittle, Miss Bailey (our SCITT student teacher), Mr McQueen and Mrs Callaghan's daughter, Trinity, for giving up their Friday night to enhance our  learning experiences.

Visit our Gallery page to see more photos!
Screen Shot 2017-01-11 at 09.56.37
Screen Shot 2017-01-11 at 09.56.55
Screen Shot 2017-01-11 at 09.57.03
Screen Shot 2017-01-11 at 09.57.11

Our Special Prickly Visitor

As part of our 'Who's Afraid of the Dark?' topic, we had another very special visitor...Timmy the hedgehog! Timmy is am African hedgehog and he was brought in by Amelia's mum.

We had a great time watching him use his snout to have a good sniff around and many of us took up the opportunity to hold him! He was very small and extremely cute!

Thank you very much to Mrs Nelson for taking the time to bring him in for us to see! We had a great time!

Please visit our gallery page to see more photos...
Screen Shot 2016-11-29 at 15.16.28
Screen Shot 2016-11-29 at 15.19.50
Screen Shot 2016-11-29 at 15.17.45
Screen Shot 2016-11-29 at 15.18.05

Daft Bat!

We have been reading the story 'Daft Bat' by Jeanne Willis. All the other animals think Bat is mad. How can she say a tree has the trunk at the top and the leaves at the bottom? Until, that is, they consult wise Owl who suggests that if they just try looking at things from Bat's point of view, they might see thing very differently.... so that is exactly what we did!
Screen Shot 2016-11-23 at 19.35.52
Screen Shot 2016-11-23 at 19.36.02
Screen Shot 2016-11-23 at 19.36.10
Screen Shot 2016-11-23 at 19.36.18
Screen Shot 2016-11-23 at 19.36.26
Screen Shot 2016-11-23 at 19.36.33
Screen Shot 2016-11-26 at 14.57.43
Screen Shot 2016-11-26 at 14.57.57

Baywings Visit

To support our new topic, 'Who's Afraid of the Dark?' we had some very special visitors! Gary from a company called Baywings came to show us some of his beautiful owls.

We met Pipp, the Little Owl, Fidget the Barn Owl, Snowy the Snowy Owl and a Bengali Eagle Owl (who, on arrival didn't have a name, but we later named Breeze).

We learnt all about what they eat, how they hunt for their prey, where they live and how they have adapted to become such good night hunters.

We even got to hold an owl too! It was a fantasic afternoon and will really help our learning.

Please click on our gallery page to see even more fantastic photos:

Screen Shot 2016-11-09 at 10.19.12
Screen Shot 2016-11-09 at 10.19.30
Screen Shot 2016-11-09 at 10.19.45
Screen Shot 2016-11-09 at 10.20.09
Screen Shot 2016-11-09 at 10.20.39
Screen Shot 2016-11-09 at 10.20.49
Screen Shot 2016-11-09 at 10.21.00
Screen Shot 2016-11-09 at 10.21.22

Homework Gallery

Below is just a small sample of some of the fantastic 'Who's Afraid of the Dark?' homework from this half term.
Screen Shot 2016-11-12 at 16.11.44
Screen Shot 2016-11-12 at 16.12.06
Screen Shot 2016-11-12 at 16.11.56
Screen Shot 2016-11-23 at 19.11.42
Screen Shot 2016-11-23 at 19.10.22
Screen Shot 2016-11-23 at 19.10.36
Screen Shot 2016-11-23 at 19.10.46
Screen Shot 2016-11-23 at 19.10.55
Screen Shot 2016-11-23 at 19.11.03
Screen Shot 2016-11-23 at 19.11.12
Screen Shot 2016-11-23 at 19.11.20
Screen Shot 2016-11-26 at 14.48.37
Screen Shot 2016-11-28 at 20.10.27
Screen Shot 2016-11-28 at 20.10.35
Screen Shot 2017-01-11 at 09.46.24

Who's Afraid of the Dark? Display Gallery

Photo 17-11-2016, 10 56 33 (1)
Photo 17-11-2016, 10 57 48 (1)
Screen Shot 2016-11-28 at 20.09.30
Screen Shot 2016-11-28 at 20.09.38
Screen Shot 2016-10-22 at 15.35.11


We have great fun celenrating Halloween at school this year! We came in dressed up as skeletons, vampires, witches, Frankenstein's Monster and even a zombie footballer!

We really enjoyed ourselves making marshmallow eyeballs, banana ghosts, mummies and designing our own pumpkins.

In the afternoon we had a fab time at the spooky Halloween disco with Year One and Reception.

Please visit our Gallery page to see more of our spectacular costumes!
Screen Shot 2016-11-01 at 17.20.26
Screen Shot 2016-11-01 at 17.20.35
Screen Shot 2016-11-01 at 17.20.45
Screen Shot 2016-11-01 at 17.20.54
Screen Shot 2016-11-01 at 17.21.27
Screen Shot 2016-11-01 at 17.21.39
Screen Shot 2016-11-01 at 17.21.47
Screen Shot 2016-11-01 at 17.22.20
Autumn Term 1:

The Wild West

During this first half term we discovered who the Native American Indians are and find out about how they lived their lives. We learnt about th
e different tribes and what life was like living on the Great Plains.

We investigated how the Native American way of life was disrupted by new settlers and the railroad companies.

We found out who cowboys were and what they did, and learnt about the long drive and what a cowboy's job actually involved.

We explored the landscape and climate of the Great Plains and looked at the plants and creatures that can be found there.

For more detailed information please click on the links below:


Please click on the link below to download a copy of the homework tasks for this half term:
Screen Shot 2016-10-21 at 13.44.48

Rootin' Tootin' Wild West Day

We had great fun recreating the Wild West in our school grounds to round off our fantasic 'Wild West' topic. We developed our bush craft skills and out throwing skills. We cooked cowboy grub (beans and corn) on the camp fire, lassoed 'cattle', built prairie schooners and practised our archery and throwing skills. We all came to school dressed as cowboys, cowgirls or Indians.Thank you very much to Mums, Dads and families for providing the amazing costumes! We all looked fab and had a fantastic day!

Check out our Gallery page for more photos!

Screen Shot 2016-10-21 at 13.41.45
Screen Shot 2016-10-21 at 12.28.49
Screen Shot 2016-10-21 at 12.29.21
Screen Shot 2016-10-21 at 12.30.47

Panning for Gold

There's gold in them there hills!!

Eureka....we are rich! The children in Year Two have been panning for gold in their very own gold mine! As prospectors, we claimed our land, protected our mine and it's contents and panned for nuggets of gold in our river!

We were very successful and found many nuggets of gold. We had great fun!

Check out our gallery page for more photos!
Screen Shot 2016-10-24 at 20.21.41
Screen Shot 2016-10-24 at 20.21.50
Screen Shot 2016-10-24 at 20.21.59
Screen Shot 2016-10-24 at 20.22.18

Wild West Display Gallery

Photo 19-10-2016, 08 36 16
Photo 19-10-2016, 08 36 49
Photo 19-10-2016, 08 37 01
Photo 19-10-2016, 08 35 17 (1)
Photo 18-10-2016, 09 41 01
Screen Shot 2016-11-01 at 17.47.20

Homework Gallery

Below is just a small sample of some of the fantastic Wild West homework from this half term.
Screen Shot 2016-10-21 at 13.15.28
Screen Shot 2016-10-21 at 13.15.36
Screen Shot 2016-10-21 at 13.15.46
Screen Shot 2016-10-21 at 13.15.57
Screen Shot 2016-10-21 at 13.16.05
Screen Shot 2016-10-21 at 13.16.15
Screen Shot 2016-10-21 at 13.17.06
Screen Shot 2016-10-21 at 13.17.23
In Year Two Smurfs help us to become better learners.

We work alongside:
  • Empathy Smurf

  • Collaboration Smurf

  • Reflective Smurf

  • Thoughtful Smurf

  • Inquisitive Smurf

  • Perseverance Smurf

  • Adventurous Smurf

  • Patient Smurf

  • Creative Smurf

  • Tolerance Smurf

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