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Welcome to Year 2

The staff you will meet in Year Two are Mrs Walls and Mrs Campbell. 

In Year 2 we have lots of fun and believe in fostering a love of learning. During each of our learning experiences we provide the children with a broad and diverse range of experiences, both inside and outside the classroom.

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Our current learning experience is...

Polar Explorers

For our learning experience this half term, we will be travelling back in time to find out all about the brave explorers who fought freezing seas and icy mountains.

We will also have a visit from our very own ‘Polar Ambassador’ who will explain about the boats and ships used in these dangerous waters. We will also discovering how explorers such as Shackleton and Fiennes have explored these areas.

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Autumn Term 1

Our learning experience was...

Pole to Pole

During this learning experience, we  learnt all about the Arctic and Antarctic.

We read and discussed a number of texts including 'Lost and Found' by Oliver Jeffers, 'Dear Polar Bear' by Barry Ablett, 'Immi' by Karin Littlewood and 'Missuk's Geese' by Anne Renauldand. We used these stories to support and inspire our own narrative writing that wowed and amazed the readers!

We located the Arctic Circle on a map and found out which countries are part of the Arctic Circle. We also learnt about the weather and climate of these areas and learnt about the plants and animals that are indigenous to these areas. We looked at physical features of polar countries and compared the town of Sisimuit with the UK city of London.

We also learnt about the Inuit people who inhabitat the polar regions.

We looked at both 2D and 3D art by a number of different artists and illustrators including Beth Sheffield.

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Visit to the beach

Despite the very windy weather, we spent a brilliant morning at Cullercoats Bay. We listened to the sound of the waves as they crashed on the beach and watched the seagulls bobbing about on the sea. This made think about what it would be like  to sail away to a far distant land.

We also looked at the flotsam and jetsam washed up on the shoreline which provided us with lots of inspiration to help us write tour own ‘lost and found’ story when we returned to school.

This visit linked to the book ‘Lost and Found’ by Oliver Jeffers which we have read in class. This was a very interesting visit which will also help us compose our very own ‘beach soundscape’ music. 

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Outdoor Classroom Day

As part of Outdoor Classroom Day, we undertook a range of activities with Mr Iveson based on the book 'Little Red',. We followed the story and solved a series of tricky clues to rescue Auntie Brenda from the wolf. To really get into character, we made red riding camouflage hats and built a den to hide from the wolf.
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Our Learning Displays

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