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Welcome to Year 3 2015/16

The staff you will meet in Year Three are Mrs Thompson, Mrs Lee and Mrs Johanson.
We are confident that all the children will have a fantastic first year in Key Stage 2.

In Year 3 Mrs Thompson will teach Literacy and Maths each morning, while Mrs Lee will teach the topic sessions each afternoon. Mrs Johanson will continue to support children's learning both inside and outside of the classroom, including 1st Class@Number mathematic intervention programme.
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Our current topic is:

Down the Rabbit Hole

This term Class 3 will be taking a trip to somewhere they've never been before.... Down the rabbit hole!

What will we see as we travel down?

What will we find at the bottom of the hole waiting for us? 

Our work will focus on fantasy, creativity, wild, wacky and mad!  This will all link to our literacy based book - Alice in Wonderland.

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Please click on the link below to download a copy of the homework tasks for this half term
Summer Term 1:

Veni vidi vici

This half term our topic was History led and focused on why the Roman army came to invade and settle in the UK.  Class 3 travelled back in time to meet a real life Roman Centurion. 

We visited Segedunum in Wallsend; this helped us understand the local history and how society has been shaped by the
settlement of different people.

We also learnt a bit of Latin.  Salve, quid agis?

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Please click on the link below to download a copy of the homework tasks for this half term
Spring Term 2:

What a Load of Rubbish!

For the second half of the Spring Term, Class Three looked at the importance of recycling. They found out about which materials can be recycled and the different processes that are used.

In Literacy the children used the books ‘Michael Recycle’ and ‘Litterbug Doug’, both of which are stories by Ellie Bethal, written in the form of a poem. The children used what they learned about recycling to write their own poems in the same style.

As well as looking into the processes of recycling, the children used their art and design skills to create their own artwork using recycling, such as sock monsters, bottle fish and pencil holders.

In ICT, the children used animation programmes such as Scratch and Kodu to design and write their very own recycling computer game!

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Please click on the link below to download a copy of the homework tasks for this half term
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Spring Term 1:


During the Spring term, we looked at modern day Greece and found out why it is popular with tourists.  The children travelled back in time to Ancient Greece and learnt about their way of life; the children looked at what it was liking living in the City States of Sparta and Athens.  We also had a Greek food tasting session and learnt some Greek phrases.  We also visiting the Great North Museum and took part in a Greek fighting forces workshop!

In Literacy we read different Greek myths and legends and met the numerous Greek gods and goddesses.  Our class read will was 'Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief'.

In Art and Design we used clay to create Medusa’s head. Using Matisse’s paper cut of Icarus as inspiration, we used collage materials to create our own Icarus falling from the sky.  We also practised our weaving skills and spun our own web like Arachne.

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Greek Fighting Forces Workshop

We spent afantastic day at the Great North Museum for our 'Yassas!' topic. We participated in the Greek Fighting Forces workshop and learnt all about the life of the Hoplites (Hoplites were Greek soldiers). The museum staff showed us the Hoplites armour and some of us even tried the armour on. We soon  realised that the armour was very heavy and very uncomfortable. This was a great learning experience and really helped us to learn more about our topic.

Lego Wedo

We have been using Lego Wedo in Computing. We began creating a Goal Kicker and then worked with Neil Brown (ICT School Improvement Advisor) to create Dancing Birds.
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Autumn Term 2:

Rise of the Machines

This topic was based around the famous Ted Hughes story “The Iron Man”. We developed our drama skills – hot seating and role playing, in addition to writing character descriptions and creating tension in our stories.

We also measured out giant robots in the playground and worked out how much a robot costs to

In Art and Design we created our own robot pictures in the style of Eric Joyner – robots and donuts! We visited the Laing Art Gallery and took part in a Sculpture workshop.

To continue the robot theme, in Computing we used Lego WeDo—something we had never tried before!

In Science we worked with forces and magnets. This linked in nicely to our PE. In Dance we  focused on pushes and pulls, springs and magnets. We then choreographed a routine!

We also learnt some robot facts and found out what robots can do. We even 'visited' Japan, a country that has taken the lead in robot development. Konnichi wa!

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Autumn Term 1:

Bean to Bar

Our first 'tasty' topic was 'From Bean to Bar', where we learnt about the origins of chocolate; where it comes from, what it looks like before it is turned in chocolate and how it is made into chocolate. This was linked to the fantasic story of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, by Roald Dahl.

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