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Welcome to Year 4 2015/16

The staff you will meet in Year Four are Miss Oliver and Mrs Johanson.
Welcome to Year Four, where we love to learn and explore!
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Our current topic is:

Let's Twist Again!

Taking a step back in time, Class 4 will travel back to the descades of the 1950s, 1960s and the 1970s. We will visit the Discovery Museum to attend the 'Back in Time' workshop as an introduction to our topic.

We will look at fashion, popluar culture such as music and enterntainment, as well as home life, toys and games and food.

Using Talk 4 Writing, we will report on one of the decades explaining how we used to live.

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Just a taste of what we having been learning...

Spring Term 2:

James and the Giant Peach

This half term term Class 4 used the book "James and the Giant Peach" by Roald Dahl for their topic work.  As well as creating their own fantasy story, they followed the journey of the peach across the Atlantic Ocean, investigated New York City and visit various landmarks.  In preparation for writing their fantasy story, the children looked for other mini-beasts in and around school and created pictograms and bar charts to show how many mini-beasts they found.  To help with our ideas, we made parrots and Mexican Alebrijes - fantasy birds, in addition to wire work mini-beasts.  In Science looked at states of matter and investigated gases, liquids, solids in addition to the water cycle.

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Please click on the link below to download a copy of the homework tasks for this half term:

Look what we've been doing!


Solid, Liquid or Gas?


Homework Gallery

Below is just a small sample of some of our fantastic 'James and the Giant Peach' homework from this half term.
Spring Term 1:

Toot an' Kom In

This half term, Class 4 revisited Ancient Egypt and took a turn for the worst visiting life after death, mummification, gods and goddesses and the pyramids.

They wrote a newspaper report on the discovery of the tomb of King Tutankhamun, as well as learning how to become embalmers of the dead. 

This was all in preparation for Class 4's fantastic end of topic assembly in February.

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I want my Mummy!

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Autumn Term 2:

Here Today...Gone Tomorrow

Can you imagine a world without pandas, polar bears or penguins? Hopefully animals that we love to see today will still be there for future generations to enjoy tomorrow.

During this half term Year Four looked into the growing problem of endangered animals. Many animals are under threat of extinction and the children looked into why they are endangered and what they can do to help.

As part of their literacy work, the children researched an endangered animal of their choice. They then used various ICT programmes to present this information to an audience.

Class Four also looked into how animals have adapted to live in particular climates, what they eat and how one change in a food chain can have devastating effects. The children designed their own weird and wonderful species and habitats.

In art and design the children designed and made model animals that looked like their favourite endangered animal.

To help the children feel a more personal connection to this topic, the class adopted an animal through WWF. The money donated by the school will be used to continue the protection and research into their chosen species.

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Autumn Term 1:

Walk like an Eygptian

During this half term Year 4 found out where in the world Egypt is, what the climate and terrain is like, and were transported back in time as they learnt about daily life in Ancient Egypt. In Literacy they based their writing around the story “Adventures in Ancient Egypt” by Linda Bailey and Bill Slavin. They focused on Talk 4 Writing and wrote a play script based on their class book. One of the first forms of writing was created by the Ancient Egyptians. The children had the opportunity to try writing in hieroglyphics on papyrus, along with other Egyptian arts, such as jewellery making and creating a cartouche. In ICT the children researched and presented their findings about Egypt. In Science they looked at animals, including the human digestive system and teeth. They also found out about the Ancient Egyptians diet and how they looked after their teeth.

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Walk like an Egyptian Displays


Look what we have been doing!

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