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Welcome to Year 4

The staff you will meet in Year Four are Miss Oliver and Mrs Johanson. In the Summer Term we will be joined by Mr Wadds.

Welcome to Year Four, where we love to learn and explore!
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Our current topic is:


The RMS Titanic was one of the largest ships to have ever been built and was labelled as practically unsinkable. On her first voyage from Southampton, UK, to New York, USA disaster struck on the evening of 14th April 1912. 

Class 4 will explore life on board the RMS Titanic, become a paid passenger on the ship or one of the crew members. 

They will investigate what properties float and sink linked to the RMS Titanic.

We will also visit RNLI Cullercoats to have an understanding of life at sea and how to keep safe in the water.

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Please click on the link below to download a copy of the homework tasks for this half term:

Homework Gallery

Here is a small selection of some of the wonderful homework from this half term's topic:
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Skipping Festival

We had a great time at the Parks on Monday afternoon participating in the first skipping festival in 6 years.

The festival had been running all day and we were involved with 4 other local schools. The following children won their categories:

  • Double Bounce Skip - Abbie Newby (Bronze)
  • Speed Bounce - Tempest Copeland (Gold) - 112 skips in 45 seconds!
  • Side Swing - Charlie Morris (Gold)
  • Cross Over - Leah Binks (Silver)
  • Butterfly Pairs -Holly Moor, Megan Brown (Bronze)
  • Run Jump Out - Abi-Louise Turnbull, Corey Johnson, Dale Henderson, Rhys O'Dowd, Chloe Dixon, Mason Lane (Gold)
  • Keep the Pot Boiling - Abbie Newby, Macey-Leigh Best, Daniel Gough, Bailey Anderson, Jessica Jackson, Alex Currie, Jonathon Hunter, Lee Brown, Leon Peak, Jacques Malundama

We also created our own skip dance to Justin Timberlake's ‘Can't Stop the Feeling’ and won Bronze for the choreography, skip skills and combinations.

Well done everyone, this was an amazing team effort and we were all SUPER SKIPPING STARS!

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Meeting David Almond

We really enjoyed our visit to see David Almond at The Exchange in North Shields. It was great listening to him telling us about how he became an author and the people and places that have inspired many of his stories.

He read an extract from his latest book 'The Tale of Angelino Brown' and many of us were lucky enough to get our copies signed!

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Mastering Morse Code

As part of our 'Unsinkable' topic, we have been learning Morse Code.

Morse code is a method of transmitting text information as a series of on-off tones, lights, or clicks that can be directly understood by a skilled listener or observer without special equipment. It is named after Samuel F. B. Morse. Each Morse code symbol represents either a text character (letter or numeral) or a prosign and is represented by a unique sequence of dots and dashes. The duration of a dash is three times the duration of a dot. Each dot or dash is followed by a short silence, equal to the dot duration.

It was quite tricky but we persevered!
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Sink or Float?

As part of our learning, looking at how and why the Titanic sank, we have been investiagting things that sink and things that float.

We began by making predictions and then used a range of onjects, made from a range of materials to test it out!

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First Class Passengers!

As part of our 'Unsinkable' topic, we have been finding out about the Titanic.

The first class passengers on the Titanic were living in the lap of luxury. Some of the richest people in the world were traveling on the Titanic for her maiden voyage. This included prominent members of the upper-class that included politicians, businessmen, bankers, professional athletes, industrialists and high-ranking military personnel. Most of those on in first class were traveling with an entourage which might include one or all of the following: a nurse for the children, a maid, valet, cook, and chauffer. A first class ticket ranged anywhere from thirty pounds to 870 pounds. In today’s money you could expect to pay an average of
£70,000 per first class ticket.

We enjoyed ourselves as first class passengers!

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Spring 2:

James and the Giant Peach

This half term term Class 4 used the book 'James and the Giant Peach' by Roald Dahl for their topic work. 

As well as creating their own fantasy story, they followed the journey of the peach across the Atlantic Ocean, investigating New York City and visiting various landmarks. 

In preparation for writing their fantasy story, the children looked for mini-beasts in and around school and created pictograms and bar charts to show how many mini-beasts they found.  To help with our ideas, we made parrots and Mexican Alebrijes - fantasy birds, in addition to wire work mini-beasts. 

In Science we looked at states of matter and investigate gases, liquids, solids, in addition to the water cycle.

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Please click on the link below to download a copy of the homework tasks for this half term:

Badminton Festival

We had great fun taking part in the Basketball Festival at Norham High School. Well done to everyone who took part, but a special congratulations goes to the 'Cuba' group who came second and were awarded a fantastic trophy to be extremely proud of!
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Quentin Blake Workshop - Laing Gallery

As part of our 'James and the Giant Peach' topic we took part in a Quentin Blake Workshop at the Laing Gallery. We looked in detail at the unique drawing style of Quentin Blake and saw how he uses story boards to 'get a feel' for the characters in the stories. He then produces rough sketches before finally developing the finished drawings.

We had a tour of the exhibition and recognised many of the pictures from our favourite Roald Dahl stories.

After the tour we took on the role of an illustrator. We were given a short story from which we had to use our imagination to draw an accompanying illustration using inks and watercolours.

This was a really intersesting workshop and really demonstrated that there is no 'right or wrong' way of painting and that an artist's style is unique and develops over time.

Please click on the images below to find out more:
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Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 10.32.55
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Footsteps in the sand

James lived by the seaside with his beloved parents and when he had to live with his mean aunts, he missed the seaside terribly. Taking inspiration from the text, we created this footprints in the sand art work.

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Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 15.39.10
Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 15.39.25
Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 15.38.59

Up, Up and Away!

The peach is rescued from the attacking sharks by a flock of seagulls. A plan cunningly devised by James and carried out by the earthworm, Miss Spider and the silkworm.  We used watercolours to create our flying peach art work.

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Spring Term 1:

Toot an Kom in

This half term, Class 4 revisited Ancient Egypt and further investigated mummification and how to become an embalmer of the dead, the importance of the afterlife, Ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses as well as the boy Pharaoh Tutankhamun and the Egyptologist who found the tomb, Howard Carter. 

To start us off on our journey, we were visited by a real Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh….. we needed to be on our best behaviour otherwise he would have thrown us to the crocodiles in the River Nile!

We used our knowledge of mummification to write instructions on how to mummify an apple using Talk for Writing.  We also made our own moveable mummies before working in groups to create our own stop animation film “Where’s my mummy?” 

To find out more click on the links below:


Please click on the link below to download a copy of the homework tasks for this half term:

Year Four Met the Pharaoh!

As part of our topic 'Toot An Kom In', we met the ancient Egyptian high priest ‘Imhotep’ who brought along a life sized mummy in a Sarcophagus. We all dressed up as ‘mini’ high priests and were fascinated as
‘Imhotep’ told us all about the process of mummification. We were given our own little mummy to prepare for the afterlife; we had to remove the organs and put them in the ancient Canopic jars. We even made necklaces to protect the mummy in the afterlife!

We also learnt about some of the numerous Egyptian gods and even made an ancient Egyptian Board Game called ‘Ur’. This was a super workshop which has greatly enhanced our understanding of our topic.

We had great fun!

To see more photos, visit our Gallery page.
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A Taster of our Topic!


Toot an Kom In Display Gallery

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Autumn Term 2:

Here Today...Gone Tomorrow
Can you imagine a world without pandas, polar bears or penguins? Hopefully animals that we love to see today will still be there for future generations to enjoy tomorrow.

During this half term we looked into the growing problem of endangered animals. Many animals are under threat of extinction and we will look into why they are endangered and what we can do to help.

As part of our literacy work, we researched an endangered animal of our choice. We then used various ICT programmes to present this information to an audience.

We also looked into how animals have adapted to live in particular climates, what they eat and how one change in a food chain can have devastating effects. We also designed our own weird and wonderful species and habitats.

In art and design we designed and made a model animal that looked like our favourite endangered animal.

To help us feel a more personal connection to this topic, we then adopted an animal through WWF. The money donated by the school will be used to continue the protection and research into their chosen species.

To find out more please click on the links below:


Please click on the link below to download a copy of the homework tasks for this half term:



Look what we've been getting up to!

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Autumn 1:

Walk like an Eygptian

During this first half term we found out where in the world Egypt is, what the climate and terrain is like, and were transported back in time as we learnt about daily life in Ancient Egypt.

In Literacy we based our writing around the story “Adventures in Ancient Egypt” by Linda Bailey and Bill Slavin. We focussed on Talk 4 Writing and wrote a play script based on our class book. One of the first forms of writing was created by the Ancient Egyptians. We had the opportunity to try writing in hieroglyphics on papyrus, along with other Egyptian arts, such as jewellery making and creating a cartouche.

In ICT we researched and presented our findings about Egypt. In Science we looked at animals, including the human digestive system and teeth. We also found out about the Ancient Egyptians diet and how they looked after their teeth.

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Please click on the link below to download a copy of the homework tasks for this half term:

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