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Welcome to Year 5

The staff you will meet in Year Five are Mr House, Miss Lister and Mrs Alexander.
A fun year ahead with plenty of science experiments, art projects and of course loads of sporting opportunities will be available to the children.

Year 5 will also be able to attend our upper KS2 residential visit experiencing of canoeing, caving, archery and zip wires!
Our current learning experience is..

Avast me hearties (our ship be sinking)

This Autumn Term Year 5 dive into the ocean and sail above it for our learning experience "Avast me hearties (our ship be sinking). This will focus on Pirates on the water and life under the waves. The children will be looking at places to sail to around the world and navigating using a compass as well as understanding the terms longitude and latitude.

They will be learning about some famous pirates and writing about what it was like being a pirate at sea. In Science they will be looking at salt water and solubility solutions as well as how boats stay afloat.

Whilst in literacy we will be reading about the steampunk pirates by Gareth P Jones, and Year 5 will actually have a chance to meet the author!

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Home Learning

Please click on the link below to download a copy of the home learning menu for this half term:

Author Visit

As part of their 'Pirates' topic, Year 5 have been reading the 'Steam Punk Pirate' series of books by Gareth P. Jones. They were extremely lucky because, as part of the Northern Children's Book Festival, they were able to visit Wallsend Library and participate in his engaging, funny and interact session.

They heard (and helped to perform) a number of songs as well as find out about the inspiration and ideas behind his books.

The children had a great time and couldn't wait to get on the Metro to start reading their signed copies of his book!

Please visit the School News page to see more photos.
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Autumn Term 1

Space - Above and Beyond

During this learing experience, we looked above the clouds into orbit to see what mysterious forces are out there. We looked primarily at the Earth, Sun and Moon and how we are able to see certain things from the surface of our planet, how we have night and day and how big our planet is. We also studied the moon in great detail before moving farther out into the solar system via our "rocket mission through Samba" to look at some of the planets in our solar system.

On our journey we investigated things like astronauts, gravity, aliens and what the future holds in space.

Underlying all this were texts by astronaut Buzz Aldrin. and the novel 'Cosmic' by Frank Cotterell Boyce. We read these to get a flavour of what it would be like to become an astronaut.

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Home Learning

Please click on the link below to download a copy of the home learning menu for this half term:

Literacy Experience Day...Blast Off!

As part of our space topic and literacy work using Cosmic by Frank Cotterll-Boyce, we had an experience day watching rockets take off, smelling the smoke and fire and creating a fantastic word mat using a thesaurus.
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