Year 5
You can email Mrs McKay with any queries:
Each day you are encouraged to do:

1 hour of writing - Tasks are set on Purple Mash
30 mins reading comprehension - Tasks are set on Purple Mash
30 mins Accelerated Reader.
20 mins spelling using Spelling Shed - you can email Mrs McKay to get log-ins.

1 hour maths - Tasks on LBQ.  The codes are sent via Marvellous Me each morning.
This time should also include Times Table Rockstars.

Parents can also access BBC Bitesize for Science, Geography, History and other subjects.

WhiteRose is also free at the moment so can be used for extra maths.
This includes the lesson being taught and then activities:
Star of the Week 3.4.2020
This weeks star award goes to Kaitlin.  She has worked incredibly hard with her hime learning this week.  I have been really impressed with her maths work and her Egyptian Art.  Well done Kaitlin.
This is Kaitlin's Egyptian art work.  Wow!
Happy Easter Holidays 6.3.2020
I hope you are all enjoying the start of your Easter break.  You have all worked really hard and fully deserve your two weeks break.  Please feel free to take a complete break.  I am not expecting you to do any work apart from keeping up with your reading.  Their will be no LBQ codes and no purple mash tasks for the full two weeks.
However, if you would like something to keep you busy over the Easter while you are isolating indoors, below is a grid of activities you might like to have a go with.  Feel free to email me any that you do but I will not check them until 20th April.  
Step 1 - choose an animal
Step 2 - choose as many our as little of the activities you would like to complete.
Step 3 - Take photographs and email them to me.
I have also included some activities that might help you to keep active after eating all of your Easter eggs!!!
Screenshot 2020-04-05 at 19.46.35
Screenshot 2020-04-05 at 19.46.51
Screenshot 2020-04-05 at 20.14.47
Screenshot 2020-04-05 at 20.15.01
Star of the Week 27.3.2020

This weeks star award goes to Charlie.  He has worked hard this week with all his home learning tasks and didn't give up even when he had ICT issues.  Well done Charlie.
Hello Year 5

I hope you are all safe and well and enjoying this glimpse of sunshine in your garden.  

I have been really impressed with so many of you who have been using both Purple Mash and LBQ to keep going with your learning.  I know it is difficult to keep going but it will help you so much when you do get back to school.

Don't forget about your other subjects too.  Take the time to develop your sketching skills, build your imagination and develop your creative thinking.  Exercise is good for the body and mind too so make sure your building some of this into your day.

Please feel free to drop me an email if you have any questions or even if you just feel like saying hi.
Hope to see you all again very soon.
Mrs McKay 
Hi Year 5.  I hope you are all keeping safe.

The tasks for this week beginning on 30.3.2020 are as follows:


Word splits - looking at parts of speech including nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs.
Box the word - converting nouns and adjectives into verbs using suffixes

Beth and The Nile - Chapter 2 - You must read this carefully before completing the connected tasks
Chapter 2 Multiple choice
Chapter 2 The conversation - continuing the conversation between the characters

Writing - Don't forget you are a Year 5 writer.  I need to see that in your writing
Cleopatra - create an information text showing what you know about Cleopatra (research needed first)
Egyptian House - explain to a friend how to build an Egyptian house using what is around you in Egypt.

Please use spelling shed to work on the year 5 spellings.  If you have forgotten your log in please use this one:
Username: jillm7
Password : bigjet43

You will be sent a code for LBQ each day on Marvellous Me.  If your grown up does not have Marvellous Me, please ask them to drop me an email and I will send the code via email.  Please try to complete this daily as each challenge only lasts for 1 day.  If you struggle with any questions, just pop me an email and I will do my best to help you answer the question.  Maths 1 will be easier than Maths 2 but try and challenge yourself to do both.

Research Egyptian Art and produce a piece of work based on this. You can send me pictures of this by email ready for me to print them.  Please also complete the Purple Mash art task based on hieroglyphics.

Ancient Egyptian Timeline - you will need to do some research before completing this Purple Mash task.



You can access hundreds of eBooks completely free of charge through our eBooks service, BorrowBox.  The BorrowBox app makes it easy to browse, borrow and read eBooks anywhere, everywhere.

To get started with the BorrowBox app:
  • For Apple devices, find the BorrowBox app in the App Store
  • For Android devices, find the BorrowBox app in the Google Play Store
  • In the app, find your library service --North Tyneside Libraries
  • Sign in with your library ticket (28012 number) and your library PIN
For those children who have already finished their Accelerated Reader books, you might find this useful.  
If you are already a library user, you simply need to download the app.
If not, it is easy to join online.  
You can borrow a huge selection of books which you can then quiz on.  
All you need to do is find the quiz number using

Happy Reading.

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