Year 5
You can email Mrs McKay with any queries:
Each day you are encouraged to do:

1 hour of writing - Tasks are set on Purple Mash
30 mins reading comprehension - Tasks are set on Purple Mash
30 mins Accelerated Reader.
20 mins spelling using Spelling Shed - you can email Mrs McKay to get log-ins.

1 hour maths - Tasks on LBQ.  The codes are sent via Marvellous Me each morning.
This time should also include Times Table Rockstars.

Parents can also access BBC Bitesize for Science, Geography, History and other subjects.

WhiteRose is also free at the moment so can be used for extra maths.
This includes the lesson being taught and then activities:
Home Learning 29.6.20, 6.7.20 & 13.7.20

The final set of home learning has arrived.  I have decided to go for a fun end to the year with the next 3 weeks being based around the theme of aliens.

On Purple Mash their are a variety of tasks including a story about aliens, writing about aliens linked to the book and also some crreative activities based on aliens and space travel.

As usual, I will be sending your LBQ code every morning for you to complete with your Maths and SPAG activities.  

Try to do a variety of the tasks so that you don't run out of steam in these last three weeks.  Remember their is TT Rockstars and Spelling Shed that you can access to or if you feel like doing your own little mini project that you would like to share with me, don't forget that you can send me pictures of this to my email.  It really makes my day when I see all the great things you are doing.

Have fun!
Mrs McKay
Star of the Week 26.6.20

This week's Star of the Week goes to Karras.  
Karras has worked consistently hard throught this time at home and always completes some of her learning tasks each week.  Well done Karras.
Star of the Week 19.6.2020

This week's Star of the Week award goes to Tia
Tia has been working very hard at school to complete her learning tasks.  She tries everything she is asked to do even when she finds somethings difficult.  Well done Tia
Home Learning 15.6.2020 & 22.6.2020

Hello again Year 5

I hope you have been having fun learning all about the Ancient Greeks.  We will continue to learn about the Ancient Greeks in the next two weeks.

On Purple Mash there are a variety of tasks to complete all about Greek Gods, Greek legends and the Olympic games.  You will probably need to carry out your own research for some of these.  Be sure to use trusted sites such as BBC bitesize to carry out your research and keep safe on line.

Remember your challenge as well!!!
You need to prepare a presentation about all that you have learnt about the Ancient Greeks.

Well done to Kaitlin and Charlie who have already sent me there amazing presentations.  Kaitlin used Power point and learnt some new ICT skills whilst doing preparing her presentation.  Charlie showed his beautiful handwriting and drawing skills in his presentation that he photographed and sent to me.  So proud of the them.  Have a go everyone!!!

As usual I will be sending your LBQ code every morning for you to complete your Maths and Spag work.

Star of the Week 12.6.20

This weeks star award goes to Dylan.  Dylan has been working very hard at home on his home learning tasks.  He always tries his best with everything he does and is showing his determination when he has to improve a piece of work.  Great stuff Dylan.. Keep it up!!!
Star of the Week 5.6.2020

This weeks star award goes to Amelia.   Amelia has been working very hard on her home learning tasks and has even gone back an improved her work after I have given suggestions.  Well done Amelia.

Home Learning for weeks beginning 1.6.20 & 8.6.20

HELLO YEAR 5.  I hope you're all well and have enjoyed the gorgeous sunny half term holiday.  Mrs Johanson and I miss you all like crazy and hope to see you all again soon.

This week's learning on Purple Mash is all connected to the Ancient Greeks.  It focuses on Greek gods and godesses.  I hope you enjoy learning all about them.  You can visit which is the bbc bitesize site which has lots of information that will help you.

There are a variety of tasks including matching games, a book to read and answer questions about, retelling a story and various other writing tasks.  Some tasks will not be available until the 8th of June so don't worry f you are running out as I have a challenge for you!!!!!

I would like you over the course of the next two weeks, to prepare a presentation using your computer if you have one or paper if not.  This should be about the Ancient Greeks and should tell others all about what you find out about them.  

You could write about :

Who were the Ancient Greeks?
What was it like to live in an Ancient Greek family?  
Who were the Ancient Greek gods and godesses?
The Ancient Greeks at war.
What do we know about Ancient Greek culture?
How did the Ancient Greeks change the world.  

I would like your presentation to include images or pictures (drawings) as well as different text types such as lists, reports, poems etc.

You will also continue to recieve an LBQ code each morning with your maths and Spag work.

Star of the Week 22.5.20

This week's star of the week award goes to Charlotte.  Well done.  Charlotte has worked hard throughout the whole time we have been out of school and her work shows her excellent attitude.  Fantastic work Charlotte.  Keep it up

Home Learning for week beginning 18.5.20

This week's learning is all connected to the Anglo Saxons.  We did the Anglo Saxons at the very beginning of Year 5 so hopefully you will remeber lots.  If not BBC Bitesize has lots of information you can use.

The tasks on Purple Mash are :

Who were the Anglo Saxons
Anglo Saxon Food
King Alfred
Diary - Trial by Ordeal
Pillory - Mashcam
Anglo Saxon - Mashcam

Design a shield
Anglo Saxon Kingdoms
Aglo Saxon Kings Apir Game
Anglo Saxon Society Labelling
Anglo Saxon Pairs Game

You will also be sent your LBQ code each morning which will have 2 maths tasks to chose from and a Grammar question set too.

There are no set activities for the half term as it is time for you to have a break.  If however you do want to complete anything, you can always go back throughPurple Mash and finish any work that you have missed or spend some time using Spelling Shed, Times Tables Rock Stars and Accelerated Reader.  BBC Bitesize also have some brilliant daily lessons to choose from, including some about Ancient Eygpt.

After half term, we will be starting our new topic of The Olympics, looking at Ancient and Modern Day Greece.
Star of the Week 15.5.20

This week's Stars of the Week go to Cai and Aidan.  Well done.  The two boys have consistently engaged in their home learning activities, taking part in both the LBQ and the Purple Mash jobs.  They have impressed me with their perseverance and their effort.  Excellent job.
Star of the Week 8.5.2020

This week's star of the week award goes to Aaron.  Every week he gets straight on with his home learning on both Purple Mash and LBQ.  He has written some lovely pieces connected to VE day and this has shown that he has carried out a lot of research .  Well done Aaron.
Home Learning for weeks beginning May 4th 2020 and May 11th 2020.
Wow Year 5 it is May already.  Let's hope the sun starts to shine.  Well done so far for keeping up with your home learning.   This week's home learning is all based around the VE day celebrations this Friday and will need you to do a bit of research first about what went on in World War 2.  This will be a great preparation for your work in Year 6 next year.  As usual I will place the maths tasks on LBQ and your grown up will recieve a daily code.  You have shown me that you like to do the SPAG work on this too so I will include a daily SPAG activity on this too.
All of the other activities for the next fortnight are on Purple Mash.

Reading - A Bridge on Fire - Chapters 1-7 with accompanying multiple choice questions.  Take care to read the story carefully and remember you can write notes to help you as you read the text or alternatively you can go back to the text to find the answers.

Writing / Topic - All of these activities will need you to complete some research first.  Please be careful when using search engines to find information.

The Blitz - Write a newspaper report about a street bomber in the Blitz.  (Remeber to use the ideas discussed with NUFC when you wrote the newspaper report)

Blitz poem - Write a poem about the Blitz using the ideas to help you.

D Day Landings - Write a newspaper report about the D Day Landings.

Evacuation Letter - Pretend you are an evacuee.  Write a letter to your parents to tell them about your new life.

Rationing - Carry out some research to find out about rationing during the war.

VE day - Write a newspaper report about VE day and the end of World War 2.

WW2 Soldier - Mash cam - put yourself into the role of a soldier during WW2.

Art / Topic - World War 2 plane - design a pattern for the World War 2 plane.
Star of the Week 1.5.2020

This week's star of the week award goes to two children again.  I couldn't chose between these two children who are working so hard with both their LBQ tasks and their tasks on Purple Mash.  I am so impressed with how much of the home learning work they are doing.  Well done to :
Freya and
Star of the week 24.4.20
This week I had to choose 2 children who have been amazing.  They have both been working incredibly hard with their maths work, sometimes carrying out all three maths tasks in a day (meaning they are doing 15 lots of maths!!!)

Outstanding Jacob and Lennin.  

Keep going.  You are making me so proud and I can see how much your maths is improving on a daily basis as you get more and more green answers.
Hi Year 5.
I hope you have all had a lovely Easter break and have managed to have a well earned rest.
We now need to get stright back to work to keep our learning upto date.

The tasks for the next two weeks starting on 20.4.2020 are:


Magic School - Relative clauses
Dan's Screen - Adevrbs
Anna and the Trampoline - Modal verbs

Beth & The Nile - Chapter 3
Chapter 3 multiple choice questions
Chapter 3 The Message

Beth & The Nile - Chapter 4
Chapter 4 multiple choice questions

Beth & The Nile - Chapter 5
Chapter 5 multiple choice questions
Chapter 5 The King is dead

Accelerated Reading - Please make sure you take at least one test every two weeks.  You can use books from home, your learning backs or you can borrow them from the libary (use borrowbox libray app and arbookfind to locate the quiz number.  This is very improtant as not many of you have been quizzing.  Your reading is essential!

Eqyptian Factfile - Create a fact file of things that you have found out about Ancient Egypt.
Hatshepsut - Create an information text showing what you know about Hatshepsut - you will need to do some research about this before you are able to complete the task.
Tutankhamun's Tomb - Do some research about Tutankhamun's tomb and write about your findings

The writing that you carry out for these tasks must show what you are capable of.  They need to include our Year 5 writing goals : paragraphs, simile, metaphor, expanded noun phrases, parenthesis, relative clauses, time adverbials, place adverbials, ISAWAWARUB conjunctions as well as a range of different punctuation.  Take you time and make every word count just as you would in the classroom.

Spelling - Use the spelling shed log in to keep up with your spellings.

You will be sent your daily code each morning through Marrvellous Me.  Remember, if you have any questions or need help, you can email me and I will try my best to help you with the question.

Remember to find time for daily practice on Times Table Rockstars

This will be on Purple Mash and focuses on our Science topic of forces.  If you are struggling with these activities, you can watch BBC bitesize which has loads of videos on the subject.
The following activities are on Purple Mash.
Forces in Action
Are they Magnetic?

Piet Mondrian - Use this template to write about the artist (you will need to find out about him first) and make your own version of his art.

Games to Play on Purple Mash
Egyptian Pairs Game - match the picture to the correct description of a God or Godess.
Passover - Exodus from Egypt - can you lead the Israelite slaves out of Egypt

From Monday the BBC have launched a home learning tool that you can access at home to support your child's learning.  This will be available on TV using the red button and also available on the internet.
The information below is what they will be covering for Year 5.
Screenshot 2020-04-19 at 16.52.09
From Monday 20.4.2020 the government have launched a home learning site to help your child learn at home.  If you would like to use this to help your child, below is the content that will be available.  Use the webiste address shown to have a look.
Screenshot 2020-04-19 at 16.55.42
Screenshot 2020-04-19 at 16.55.08
Star of the Week 3.4.2020
This weeks star award goes to Kaitlin.  She has worked incredibly hard with her hime learning this week.  I have been really impressed with her maths work and her Egyptian Art.  Well done Kaitlin.
This is Kaitlin's Egyptian art work.  Wow!
Happy Easter Holidays 6.3.2020
I hope you are all enjoying the start of your Easter break.  You have all worked really hard and fully deserve your two weeks break.  Please feel free to take a complete break.  I am not expecting you to do any work apart from keeping up with your reading.  Their will be no LBQ codes and no purple mash tasks for the full two weeks.
However, if you would like something to keep you busy over the Easter while you are isolating indoors, below is a grid of activities you might like to have a go with.  Feel free to email me any that you do but I will not check them until 20th April.  
Step 1 - choose an animal
Step 2 - choose as many our as little of the activities you would like to complete.
Step 3 - Take photographs and email them to me.
I have also included some activities that might help you to keep active after eating all of your Easter eggs!!!
Screenshot 2020-04-05 at 19.46.35
Screenshot 2020-04-05 at 19.46.51
Screenshot 2020-04-05 at 20.14.47
Screenshot 2020-04-05 at 20.15.01
Star of the Week 27.3.2020

This weeks star award goes to Charlie.  He has worked hard this week with all his home learning tasks and didn't give up even when he had ICT issues.  Well done Charlie.
Hello Year 5

I hope you are all safe and well and enjoying this glimpse of sunshine in your garden.  

I have been really impressed with so many of you who have been using both Purple Mash and LBQ to keep going with your learning.  I know it is difficult to keep going but it will help you so much when you do get back to school.

Don't forget about your other subjects too.  Take the time to develop your sketching skills, build your imagination and develop your creative thinking.  Exercise is good for the body and mind too so make sure your building some of this into your day.

Please feel free to drop me an email if you have any questions or even if you just feel like saying hi.
Hope to see you all again very soon.
Mrs McKay 
Hi Year 5.  I hope you are all keeping safe.

The tasks for this week beginning on 30.3.2020 are as follows:


Word splits - looking at parts of speech including nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs.
Box the word - converting nouns and adjectives into verbs using suffixes

Beth and The Nile - Chapter 2 - You must read this carefully before completing the connected tasks
Chapter 2 Multiple choice
Chapter 2 The conversation - continuing the conversation between the characters

Writing - Don't forget you are a Year 5 writer.  I need to see that in your writing
Cleopatra - create an information text showing what you know about Cleopatra (research needed first)
Egyptian House - explain to a friend how to build an Egyptian house using what is around you in Egypt.

Please use spelling shed to work on the year 5 spellings.  If you have forgotten your log in please use this one:
Username: jillm7
Password : bigjet43

You will be sent a code for LBQ each day on Marvellous Me.  If your grown up does not have Marvellous Me, please ask them to drop me an email and I will send the code via email.  Please try to complete this daily as each challenge only lasts for 1 day.  If you struggle with any questions, just pop me an email and I will do my best to help you answer the question.  Maths 1 will be easier than Maths 2 but try and challenge yourself to do both.

Research Egyptian Art and produce a piece of work based on this. You can send me pictures of this by email ready for me to print them.  Please also complete the Purple Mash art task based on hieroglyphics.

Ancient Egyptian Timeline - you will need to do some research before completing this Purple Mash task.



You can access hundreds of eBooks completely free of charge through our eBooks service, BorrowBox.  The BorrowBox app makes it easy to browse, borrow and read eBooks anywhere, everywhere.

To get started with the BorrowBox app:
  • For Apple devices, find the BorrowBox app in the App Store
  • For Android devices, find the BorrowBox app in the Google Play Store
  • In the app, find your library service --North Tyneside Libraries
  • Sign in with your library ticket (28012 number) and your library PIN
For those children who have already finished their Accelerated Reader books, you might find this useful.  
If you are already a library user, you simply need to download the app.
If not, it is easy to join online.  
You can borrow a huge selection of books which you can then quiz on.  
All you need to do is find the quiz number using

Happy Reading.

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