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Welcome to Year 6

The staff you will meet in Year Six are Miss Duffy, Mr House, Miss Lister and Mrs Alexander.

This year Miss Duffy will lead the children’s learning as class teacher. They will also work with Mr House three mornings a week in support of their SAT’s preparations. Miss Duffy will teach literacy while Mr House will lead their maths sessions on these days. Mr. Walsh will also be extending the children's French skills after which he'll put his coaching hat on to lead their first P.E. session of the week.

Our well established support staff Mrs Alexander and Miss Lister will continue to assist with children’s learning across a range of sessions and tasks. We are also privileged to have the continued support of Susie Jones in order to help build on the children’s fantastic musical ability across the whole year.

Year 6 is a jam packed year, from embarking on exciting adventures across our diverse topics to SAT's and then off to high school before you know it! Please do pop in and have a chat with Miss Duffy and the team if you have any questions about this important year.

Our topics will include:

  • Who Dunnit?

  • I have a Dream...

  • Sustainability: Stick or Twist?

  • A Force of Nature!

  • Through the Ages

  • Moving On!

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Our current topic is:

Moving On!

During this last half term Year 6 will be thinking about changes and preparing for their transition to high school. They will complete a series of reflective projects and activities which will help them to prepare for their big move!

They will complete a smooth move project where they need to research, innovate and create the new ‘must have’ item for Year 7 children in autumn term 2017. They will consider their marketing strategies and deliver the final product in a Dragon’s Den style interview.

The children will explore their thoughts and feelings around growing up while considering what makes a good relationship. They will also learn about how their bodies are going to change and have a chance to ask questions in a safe environment.

In addition the children will extend their ICT skills while recording their own leavers video. They will also work on mastering Raspberry Pi with Neil Brown from Marden CLC.

They will also take the role of head teacher while designing a school uniform fit for purpose for the modern year 7 student. After which they will research and plan their routes for their new journeys in September.

Year 6 will continue to work with Susie Jones in order to polish their samba skills for the Mouth  of the Tyne Festival parade!

To find out more click on the links below:

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Summer Term 1:

Through the Ages

As Year 6 entered their last term with us they learnt about life Through the Ages. They journeyed back to The Stone Age looking at the simple life that early man led. They went back to basics and discovered how man made fire while exploring some outdoor cooking. They then moved on to discover how life progressed through the The Bronze and Iron Ages.

They designed bespoke tablet carvings, created iron age pots and built model homes from twigs and moss.

Keep your eyes peeled on the Upper Key Stage Two corridor for signs of early communications and cave paintings! 

Please click on the links below to find out more:
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Spring Term 2:

Sustainability: Stick or Twist?

This half term, Year Six became global citiizens as they explored the concept of sustainability and how their day to day actions could affect our planet. They revisited the concepts of reduce, reuse and recycle as they thought about the resources they use as individuals, with their families and members of the school community. The learnt what happens to some materials that we throw away and how they affect other species.

They considered the process of global warming with the help of 'Winston of Churchill' and then further developed their research skills as they found out about fossil fuels and renewable energies. They then used this learning to best effect while designing their own sustainable forms of transport. 

To bring all of their learning together the class spent a fabulous day working with Alice from the Outdoor Education and Sustainability Specialists. They took part in several workshops which include exploring home made renewable energies which will help them to understand how solar panels and wind turbines work, they became woodcutters in order to learn about sustainable forestry, they compared apples to the earth while learning how much of the earth is available for the production of crops and what that means to them, they considered sustainabilty from a global perspective as well as what it means to them and their lives as they grow up.

Please click on the links below for more detail:

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Spring Term 1:

A Force of Nature

During the second half of Spring half term Year 6 explored the world of extreme weather! They embarked on a global journey in order to learn about the circumstances in which wild weather events happen and what the impact of these natural forces are.

They created their very own tornadoes and active volcanoes! 

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Please click on the link below to download a copy of the homework tasks for this half term:
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Autumn Term 2:

I have a Dream...

Our second topic of the term challenged our thinking as we considered some of the issues around slavery, oppression, inequality and racism.

We learnt about the lives of key historical figures such as Martin Luther King Jnr, Rosa Parks and William Willberforce. We extended our knowlegde of biography and autobiography whilst exploring the difficult challenges that these brave and resilient advocates faced. 

We learnt about rights and responsibilities while extending our knowledge around our British Values. We continued to develop our learning around our judicial system and how laws are made with Gillian from the Parliamentary Education Outreach team. We became politicians and created our own political parties. In addition we wrote our own manifestos and delivered our campaign speeches to our constituents in order to gain support. This exciting workshop concluded with a democratic and confidential vote in order to elect the most convincing candidtates!

Following this we became members of parliament whilst taking part in their own House of Commons debate. A speaker of the house was elected after which the two main political parties debated issues such as 'children under sixteen should have to take part in three after school sports clubs each week!' We learnt how our politicians vote in parliament and then did the same with the noes to the left and the ayes to the right!

We learnt a challenging new song in music which linked to the slave trade and conveyed the soul and depth of feeling of those affected. We progressed to singing in three part harmonies and rounds which really built up the soul vibe!

Please click on the links below to find out more:


Please click on the link below to download a copy of the homework tasks for this half term:
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Autumn 1:

Who Dunnit?

During the first half term of Autumn we explored the topic Who Dunnit? We looked at crime and punishment and became mystery detectives.

Our local magistrates and community police officers worked with us to help us learn about the criminal justice system and how they help to keep our streets safe.

In Literacy we helped Jon Kelso decide if he should unpick the mystery of ‘Dracula’s Heir’. Was the threat to his life resolved? We are not at liberty to disclose this information at present!

In addition we investigated how materials change in Science. We became crime fighters and used this knowledge to help capture a thief!

We also extended our knowledge of media development across the decades when we supported the IMUTT team and defeated King Kronas before he turned every picture house into a Kronoplex!

This interactive adventure concluded with a visit to the Tyneside Cinema to complete our final mission.

In music sessions we extended our skills by learning a cops and robbers swing tune.

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Please click on the link below to download a copy of the homework tasks for this half term:

Agents of IMUTT

As part of our 'Who Dunnit?' topic, we participated in the ‘Time Machine’ workshop at the Tyneside Cinema in Newcastle as part of their ‘Who Dunnit?’project. This involved carrying out internet based research and investigation in school prior to the visit. Then at the cinema, with the aid of iPads, we became official agents of the International Ministry of Unauthorised Time Travel and our mission was to defeat King Kronos (the villain) before he altered the history of media development by brainwashing us through his network of ‘Kronoplex’.

During this visit we learnt about the history of media including the development of telephones, internet, television and news reporting. We then had to continue with our mission which involved interviewing cinema staff and looking for clues throughout the cinema to help them defeat King Kronos.

However, there was no need to worry, we are pleased to announce that we were successful in our mission – King Kronos was no match for us, he was well and truly defeated.
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