Welcome to Percy Main Primary School

Welcome to Year 6

The staff you will meet in Year Six are Miss Duffy, Miss Lister and Mrs Alexander.

This year Miss Duffy will lead the children’s learning as class teacher. 

Our well established support staff Mrs Alexander and Miss Lister will continue to assist with children’s learning across a range of sessions and tasks. We are also privileged to have the continued support of Susie Jones in order to help build on the children’s fantastic musical ability across the whole year.

Year 6 is a jam packed year, from embarking on exciting adventures across our diverse topics to SAT's and then off to high school before you know it! Please do pop in and have a chat with Miss Duffy and the team if you have any questions about this important year.
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Our current learning experience is...

Who Dunnit?

During our current learning experience we will explore the topic 'Who Dunnit?', looking at crime and punishment.

Our local magistrates and community police officers will work with us to help us learn about the criminal justice system and how they help to keep our streets safe.

We plan to help Jon Kelso decide if he should unpick the mystery of ‘Dracula’s Heir’. Was the threat to his life resolved? We are not at liberty to disclose this information at present!

In addition we will investigat how materials change in Science. We will become crime fighters and use this knowledge to help capture a thief!

We also plan to extend our knowledge of media development across the decades when we support the IMUTT team and try to defeat King Kronas before he turns every picture house into a Kronoplex!

This interactive adventure will conclude with a visit to the Tyneside Cinema to complete our final mission.

In music sessions we will extend our skills by learning a cops and robbers swing tune.

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Home Learning

Please click on the link below to download a copy of the homework tasks for this half term:

Hansel and Gretel Drama

We recreated scenes from Hansel and Gretel to help us build vocabulary banks to support our writing.
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Visit to the Side Gallery

We visited the Side Gallery in  Newcastle for a tour of the building and to see an exhibition of photographic work which portrayed the life of the Wallsend Shipbuilders.

This visit links into, and supports, the on-going Amber Project which we are currently working on. It also contributes towards the completion of our ‘Explorer Level’ Arts Award. 

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Baking for our Macmillian Coffee Afternoon

We visited Norham High School and used their fantastic facilities to create these 'secret' cupcakes. A big thank you to Mrs Bowers (Food and Textiles Curriculum Leader) for supporting us.

They looked and tasted amazing!
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Building Learning Power Refresher

During our first week in Year Six, we took part in some trust and team building activities. 

It was a great opportunity to reshresh and develop out Building Learning Power Muscles.
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