What is Thrive?
The Thrive Approach attempts to help adults understand children’s behaviours through communication.

It was developed by using various disciplines, such as: neuroscience, attachment research, studies of effective learning and various models of child development. It is an integrated approach, that is crucial in order to provide one model that is systematic, dynamic and relevant in helping adults respond to specific individual emotional needs.

If children have been thrown emotionally off track, Thrive helps adults understand their needs, providing targeted strategies and activities to help them re-engage and aid their learning experience.

By using the Thrive Approach we can:
Help a child get ready to learn
Enhance their learning
Build positive relationships between both adults and peers
Improve attainment

“Pausing a moment between an impulse and an action is a life tool.
Developing this strength helps a child physiologically and emotionally.
But it’s a strength that must be learnt—we are not born with it!”
Dr Bruce Perry

Benefits of Thrive

Repetition of Thrive activities supports children’s development, ensuring that they:

Feel good about themselves
Increase their sense of security and trust
Increase their well-being
Improve their capacity to be creative and curious
Increase their self-esteem and confidence to learn
Learn to recognise and regulate their feelings
Learn to think before behaving in a certain way

Percy Main Primary Licensed Thrive Practitioners
Mrs K. Thompson
Mrs J. Leslie
Miss D. Kelly