Cedarwood Trust offer free training courses to help get people back into employment and support for those who are experiencing difficulty with the cost of living crisis.

The Cedarwood Trust is a community centre located in the heart of Meadow Well, North Shields. It provides a safe, inclusive and supportive space for the community, including:

  • The Nourish Store - A community supermarket, providing groceries for just £4 per week.
  • Academic learning and courses to learn new skills, increase self value and improve employability.
  • The Nurture Academy - a catering academy designed to help those looking for work in the catering industry with practical learning and gain food hygiene qualifications.
  • Groups for residents to participate in, make friends, learn new skills and boost wellbeing.
  • Senior Support - Dedicated groups and sessions for over 50s to enjoy and feel welcome.
  • Early Years support for families with young children. A range of groups and sessions to enrich young minds and help parents with hands on support.
  • The Nourish Bistro - Providing a range of healthy, freshly cooked food for no more than £3.50

To find out more, visit the website: www.cedarwoodtrust.com or read the Cedarwood Trust Brochure.

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