Rainbows 2 Year Old Provision

From April 2024 there are two ways in which families of 2 year olds may be entitled to 15 hours of funded childcare per week, across the 38 week school year. Families can continue to apply for benefit related childcare as well as the new entitlement for some working parents.

Benefit related free childcare

If you are in receipt of one of the following benefits you may be entitled to claim a fully funded, 15 hour place for your 2 year old child in our Rainbow Room:

Universal Credit
Income Support
Income based Job Seekers’ Allowance
Income related Employment and Support Allowance
Support under Part VI of the Immigrations and Asylum Act 1999
The Guaranteed element of State Pension Credit
Working Tax Credit/Child Tax Credit with an annual income of no more than £16,000

Children are also entitled to a place if;

They are looked after by a local council
They have a current statement of special educational needs (SEN) or an education health and care plan
They get Disability Living Allowance
They have left care of a Local Authority under a special guardianship order, child arrangements order or adoption order.

If you think you qualify for this grant please obtain a code by logging on to the North Tyneside Citizen’s Portal or contact the school office for help:

New 2 Year Old  Entitlement for Working Parents 

Frequently Asked Questions  

Q1. What is the new 2 year old entitlement for working families?  

  1. From April 2024, eligible working parents of 2-year-olds will be able  to access 15 hours of early years funding over 38 funded weeks. This  is known as the ‘2 year old entitlement for working families’.  

Q2. When can families start their 2 year old entitlement for working  families?

The new entitlement can be taken up in summer term 2024, however  families must apply for an eligibility code by 31st March 2024.  Government guidance states that a child can start in their funded  childcare place the ‘term’ after they turn 2 years and have received a  valid eligibility code, whichever is later. Term start dates are  1st September, 1st January and 1st April.

To take up their funded hours each term , children will  need to have: 

  1. a) reached their 2nd birthday on or before 31 March, 31 August or 31 December, AND
  2. b) their parents will need to have successfully applied for an  eligibility code by the 31st of March, 31 August or 31 December.  

For example, children with a 2nd birthday that falls in the period 1st April – 31st August, may be eligible for the entitlement in the following autumn term

Q3. How do working families apply for an eligibility code for the new 2  year old entitlement? 

  1. Families can apply for an eligibility code through the Childcare Choices website.

Q4. Once a family has an eligibility code for the 2 year old working  families entitlement, do they remain eligible for funding? 

  1. No. Families are only eligible for the period between the eligibility code ‘start date’ and ‘end date’. Families will have to regularly renew  their eligibility code, using the Childcare Choices website, on or  before the ‘end date’ to remain eligible (even if their circumstances  have not changed).  

Q5. Do new starters need a valid code on the first day of the funding  period? 

  1. Yes. Children starting a 2 year old entitlement for working families  place MUST have an eligible code on the first day of the funding  period: 
  • Summer term 1st April 
  • Autumn term 1st September 
  • Spring term 1st January 

For example, if their eligibility code has an end date on or before 31st March,  they MUST renew the code on / before 31st March. If they do not,  they will not receive the funded hours in summer term . 

Q6. Does the eligibility code for the 2 year old entitlement for working  families, have a grace period? 

  1. Yes. Once a child takes up a funded place, they will receive a ‘grace  period’, if their eligibility code is not renewed by the ‘end date’. The  eligibility code must be renewed before the end of the grace period or the child will not be funded for the following term. Grace Periods do not apply for new starters.  

Q7. Is the 2 year old entitlement for working families different to the  existing 2 year old entitlement? 

  1. Yes. The existing 2 year old offer, which is aimed at families receiving  some additional forms of Government support, will continue. The  existing entitlement has a different eligibility criteria and applications  are made through North Tyneside Council’s Citizen Portal.  

 Q8. What should a family do if they are unsure about which entitlement  to apply for? 

  1. Government advice is that families who may be eligible for both  entitlements should check their eligibility for the existing 2 year old  entitlements first, using North Tyneside Council’s Citizen Portal.  Eligibility for this entitlement continues for the duration of their  placement at a setting (families do not have to renew their eligibility  code). 

Q9. Can families be eligible for both 2 year old entitlements? 

  1. A small number of families may be eligible for both entitlements.  Government advice is that families should check their eligibility for  the existing 2 year old entitlements in the first instance, using North  Tyneside Council’s Citizen Portal. Families can only claim one of the entitlements at a time.  

If a family’s circumstances change and they are no longer eligible for  the 2 year old entitlement for working families (i.e. through job loss  etc.), the family may want to apply for the existing 2 year old  entitlement. They should apply if they think their change in  circumstances, means they are now eligible.